Monday, September 17, 2012

Securing Your Future

I think every family is thinking of securing their own future.  There are basic things that we like to acquire. House, lands, car, properties and investments.  This is apart from securing educational plans for the children. Other families also opted to get health and medical insurance.  Why not? We have to secure our future and it is a well accepted fact.  This is the primary reason why we are working very hard.  Given a chance, I would also like to apply for a qualified life insurance.  My colleague at work, once told me that she was not able to invest anything from her long years of working.  She spent a lot on personal stuff that depreciates in value like gadgets, shoes, bags and clothes.  Well, that was her weakness.  She couldn't control her urge to shop every time she gets hold of her pay check. But one thing that she considers her investment is her life insurance.  She said, she's single and doesn't have any kid.  She paid for a life insurance because she's working over seas and she wanted her family to be secured financially if in case something happens to her. Sometimes, I feel like I do not like to entertain the idea of getting a life insurance.  But being practical has been the choice of many.  Well, if I could find a reputable insurance company that I could trust, why not?  But it's not my priority at the moment although I would also consider getting one soon.  

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