Monday, September 3, 2012

Self Defense Tools

Since I started working overseas, I used to travel a lot.  I go back to the Philippines two to three times a year to visit my family or just to get a short work break.  Aside from this, I used to travel to different provinces and cities of Cambodia as well as to it's neighboring countries like Vietnam and Thailand.  Prior to working abroad, I'm not used to traveling to places alone.  Even when I was studying in Manila during my college days, I seldom go out of the dormitory where I used to stay.  I really get scared especially that Metro Manila  is over populated and walking around late at night is not recommended especially for girls. It is during these times that I thought of having some self defense tools like the simple kubaton key chain. I know that women can't do much to defend themselves, but having something to rely on during emergencies won't hurt.  I also heard of other women who used to carry with them some pepper sprays for self protection.

Now that I already have a daughter who's attending high school, sometimes I also think of getting her some defense tools.  But on the contrary, I don't want her to feel paranoid and to always have that fear of mixing with people.  For now, I just always remind her to take care of herself especially when going to some places and more importantly, not to go to places alone.  But since, there are some defense tools in the market which are affordable, I might as well get a few soon.


  1. This is one of the many reasons why I'm afraid to have a girl. I have 2 boys. I had some bad experiences of people who attempted to snatch my bag. =( Good to invest in simple self-defense tools.

  2. it pays to be prepared all the time. just explain to your girl properly so that she'll understand fully the responsibility of possessing such protective tools


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