Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sending Holiday Greeting Cards

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm sure that most of us are already thinking on how could we send some cheers to our families, friends and loved ones.  Well, the most common, I believe, is sending greeting cards.  With the advent in technology and hundreds of sites offering free online greeting cards, who would like to bother sending a "real greeting card"?  Well, the long queue in post office and the long process of sending and receiving actual greeting cards is giving us second thoughts of going for snail mails.

Well, personally, even those online greeting cards are so cool, with all those colors, animation and great music, I am still thrilled to receive the actual card, much more if it's personalized.  It's not that I would like to stick to traditional but it still different if you receive something that you can hold, open and read without turning on any electronic device.  Now, this made me think on how I would like to greet my loved ones. Would I send e-cards or actual cards?  Probably, I'll choose the latter.  Then, I would have to look for some affordable blank address labels where I could type the names of the recipients on my computer and print all labels at the same time.  Not that I'm lazy to write but I just want to speed up the process, not to mention that my hand writing is not that awesome. (lol)    

Perhaps, If I would have some free time, I would also love to make personalized cards.  How about you? Would you still prefer sending e-cards? 

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