Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Importance Of Using Rig mats

What is a rig mat? A rig mat is a kind of wooden platform used to support equipment in construction.  It is also sometimes used as temporary roadway passage, especially when the road is disturbed, having several obstructions making it an unstable ground.

There are various kinds of mats used for specific purposes such as crane mat, oilfield mat, pipeline mat and the not so commonly used rig mats. Though most businesses such as big companies have a tendency to shun away using rig mats due to added costs, many failed to realize it's importance. A good example of which is an increase in productivity. Some places have long wet season and it prevents or rather shortened the drilling period which may eventually led to a decrease in production and prolonged time table for projects to be completed.  The one that's usually left unnoticed is that using rig mats also helps in the preservation of the environment.  Why is that so?  Because use of rig mats is only temporary.  It can be displaced anytime, thus causing less harm to the grounds and the environment in general.  Using these kinds of mats can also prevent possible incidents involving lives of individuals. 

The effectiveness of using rig mats in businesses has yet to be proven by some, but weighing it's advantages over it's disadvantages is pretty much obvious.  It is however advised that companies must choose their mats manufacturers to ensure that these mats can last for a longer period of time.  This way they only not able to save money but they also can take an active part in the preservation of the environment.   



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