Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What Is The Most Popular Type of Plastic Bag?

It is hard to go through a day of your life without either using or seeing someone else use a plastic bag. They are everywhere. Every store uses them, and almost every single restaurant uses them for takeout. There was a time when you were asked if you would prefer plastic or paper. That does not happen anymore.

Most of these bags are made from a material called polypropylene. This material is excellent at creating a barrier between objects. It prevents moisture from entering or leaving, and it is a strong and resilient material.

Poly bags come in several different shapes, sizes and even colors. The most common color is clear. This allows people to see what is inside the bag without the need to touch what is inside. It is a great way to tempt people to purchase a product. The polypropylene acts like a window that allows you to see in, while at the same time offering great protection from the outside elements. If the polypropylene is used for food storage, then it can help the food stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Millions of businesses all over the world use thousands of polypropylene bags every single day. Some of them have adopted stock poly bags, while others have had bags custom made. Many businesses will extend their brand by having their poly bags custom printed. They can print slogans, names or logos directly on the front of the bag. This is an excellent form of advertising for business. Their name, company or brand will be seen everywhere the bag travels. There has even been a term created for the specific type of advertising. It is called bagvertising. Millions of companies all over the world are using this affordable method of advertising to help get their name out.

Poly bags are also commonly being used for different types of storage. The most common type of storage is food storage. There are even FDA approved poly bags for food use. These bags can safely be used to store a variety of different types of foods.

Clear poly bags can actually keep costs down too. These bags are often cheaper than having specialized printing done on specialized packaging. Food products benefit from poly bags because consumers can easily see what's inside the bag without any sort of flashy or gimmicky packaging.

These plastic bags have become so common in everyday life. They are easily the most popular type of plastic bag that you will run into on a daily basis.

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