Sunday, October 21, 2012

Corporate Parties

Since Christmas season is fast approaching, the next thing that will make every one busy is holding Christmas Parties.  When I was still working in the Philippines before, this is the most awaited event of the year.  Our CEO would ask the top management to come up with ideas for the traditional Christmas Party.  Of course, aside from the usual raffle draws for the employees and the lavish food preparations, the most awaited event of the year is the inter department competitions in dance, song and production numbers.  As early as October, some department were already busy in conceptualizing what would be their contest entry for the upcoming celebration.  Our Human Resources Department had always been busy preparing the venue and the program for the event.  We used to rent a complete sound system but I think it would had been a lot better if we had a live band.  

Now a days, it's easy to have one in big parties as there are already drum samples which we can purchase online.  This can make our parties even more memorable.  It's being used on high end studios but can be used on home studios, too.  I'm getting amazed with the advancement in technology.  Everything is now made possible in just simple steps.

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