Monday, October 22, 2012

Done With Christmas Decors

We're officially done with our Christmas decors at home!  My kids and I decided to have these put up early since we are going for a week vacation in Bangkok.  By the time they come back home, it's the reopening of classes again so they wouldn't have the time to attend to this anymore.  Besides, it's more fun if we could do it together while I am still here at the house.  Next month, I would be going back to work and I don't want to miss the opportunity of doing it with my kids as this is one of the bonding activities that we used to do even before.

Anyway, we used to have simple decorations only.  We normally decorate our terrace only as this is the front of the house.  A simple Christmas tree plus some Christmas lights around the house completes the decorations.  This year, I would admit we had done this as simple as possible as I won't be home for Christmas.  So sad but it's a fact that I have to face.  But I would make sure that I would be home for Christmas next year.  Anyway, even if I won't be home comes December, at least I have felt the Christmas spirit by doing the simple Christmas decorations at home.  That would be enough for now. :(

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