Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why Do We Have To Buy A Property?

When I was chatting with my staff and colleagues at work a month ago, one of the topics we've discussed is about buying properties.  Some of my colleagues (non Filipinos) commented that there is no way for them to buy a house until that they get married unless that they would be able to marry a very rich man.  My eyes had grown wide in big astonishment? Why???

According to one of them, buying a home in their country is very hard to do if you are only an ordinary employee.  The price of the lot is really really high and nobody could afford to buy one at this time. They told me that in case they marry, they just have to stay with the parents of the guy. I was very surprised! I feel lucky that in the Philippines, buying a home could still be a reality.  In fact, even the ordinary employees could afford to buy one through in house financing such as PAG IBIG and SSS.  Some real estate developers are also offering reasonable payment terms.  

In buying a house, we have to choose the right location and the right price that could suit our budget.  It is also very important to consider the broker so that we could be assured that we are in good hands.  In other countries, it's not very hard to choose a reliable one.  Consider buying from reputable companies and you could be assured of a quality property and the best deal in town.

In the end buying a property is still a good investment to consider.  It is something that everybody should look forward to.  It is something that appreciates in value over the years.  I'm glad that I've made a good decision in the past. :)


  1. i have to agree.. i computed our house rent for the pass 8 years in baguio and it sums up to 500k! :O

  2. I have always dreamt of having my own property as early as now. However, the prices are quite high when the location is within the metro and really affordable in the rural area but I'd like to live near my parents. Lotto, marrying a rich man could be the answer, hehehe. But I'd rather work hard to achiever this life-long dream :)


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