Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Choosing A Safe Home Footwear

When we were shopping at Bangkok, I was thinking of what would be the best gift that I could buy for my Mom.  She's in her old age and doesn't need a fancy thing.  She would never be interested in clothes anymore.  At her age, all what she wanted is to be comfortable while in the house.  I really had a hard time choosing the best souvenir gift for her.  We left her at home just with the company of our house helper during our Bangkok trip, and and I would like to please her by giving her something that she would definitely love.

Walking around the streets of China town, I happened to see a shop selling comfortable and cute house slippers.  To be honest, it was my first time to see such cute designs. I bought two pairs for my Mom and I have the feeling that she would really like it. 

If you are curious about what' so special with those house slippers, then I would tell you that these are not only comfortable but safe and stylish.  I want my Mom to be comfy at home and at the same time, I want to make sure that she'll be safe while moving around the house.  A good pair of comfortable house slippers is a must for older adults.  Non skid soles would provide less chance of falls.  Choose a fabric that could warmth your feet especially during the cold season.  Avoid those house slippers with thick treads as these may result to losing balance when walking.  Aside from safety, perhaps we also wouldn't want to stay away from our sense of style so these cute designs will surely be a hit.  Admittedly, I regret not buying even a pair for myself.  Not until I found this online shop selling the most stylish, comfortable and affordable house slippers.  There are variety of designs to choose from and all were hand crafted using the finest materials.  You can easily choose the color, the design and the size that you would like to order and what more, they are now offering free ground shipping.  You can choose from their wide array of lovely designs in three categories, "best seller", "classic" and "seasonal".  All of these at an affordable discounted price.

After browsing at their online catalog, I was able to pick 3 designs that I truly love.  All designs are made with a special fabric material that's so soft and comfy.  The sole has a soft cushion which is definitely a plus factor.  Realizing how important it is to be safe and comfortable even at home, I wouldn't let the chance pass of owning a pair or two for myself.  This might be my Christmas gift to myself and I would like to take advantage of using the code to avail of the free shipping.

Would you care to have one, too?

Table Aquariums?

My love for home decors had brought me to the home furnishing section of one mall that we've visited at Bangkok.  I was pleased to see these aquariums that come in different designs and colors.  I especially love the idea that the aquarium designs are multifunctional.  You see, these aquariums doubled as a center or side table and would be a very nice attraction in our living rooms.  This is definitely a space saver as this is an aquarium and a table in one.  I wonder if these designs are also available in the Philippines?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Gift Ideas For Moms!

I'm sure that most of the kids and young adults are thinking of what special gift they could give their Moms for Christmas.  As what many people say, Moms are the stars of the house, so it's just proper to recognize their very difficult task of running the house and raising the kids with something that they will surely remember.  Well, there are lots of gift ideas out there.  Just head to the mall and you will surely find something cute and nice for your Moms.  Being a Mom myself, here are my tips:
  • Look for something that your Mom truly loves.  If she is plant lover, why don't you give here a nice plant in a cute and lovely pot nicely decorated and comes with a personalized card that describes the plant and instructions on how would she take care of it.  
  • If your Mom's favorite part of the house is the kitchen and she loves cooking, you can buy for her a new recipe book, kitchen essentials or a set of herbs in cute jars.  If she loves to bake, perhaps you could find a nice baking set for her.
  • If your Mom loves crafts, then you can buy her a set of cross stitch materials or a scrap book complete with all the materials that she can use to decorate her scrap book.
  • If your Mom is fashionable and loves accessories, why don't you buy for her some pandora charms bracelet.I'm sure that she would love the designs.
  • If your Mom loves to go to a salon or spa, then you could buy her a gift certificate at her favorite spa or salon.
  • If your Mom loves to read, why don't you consider ordering for her a magazine subscription?
These are only some gift ideas that would surely please your Moms.  There's no other person who understands your Moms the way you do, so you could give her something that will best describe her. 

The choice is yours!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Concrete Polishing

One of the major projects that I have undergone this year was the major renovation of my house.  It's not really the house where our family stays.  This is the house that I'm renting out and since this is contributing to the family's income, it is just proper for us to look after its maintenance.

Now a days, especially with the unpredictable weather condition brought about by the global warming, it is more likely for a house to deteriorate in quality.  If not properly maintained, any house may lose it grandeur with constant raining and massive floods.  Now I realized that building a house these days is not a very easy task.  You ought to have an experience and expertise in construction projects and in choosing the right construction materials.

Since modern technology had enabled us to position ourselves ahead, we now had a great deal of choices when it comes to the design and the materials that we're going to use for our house construction and/or renovations.  I've heard that a lot of real estate developers and even private individuals have now resorted to using polished concrete. This is a high gloss finish and can be achieved by adding special floor polishers to the concrete mix to achieve a certain degree of brilliance.

The benefits that can be achieved using polished concrete cannot be discounted.  Aside from the fact that it requires less maintenance, it's environment friendly, easy to clean and provides a design that appears expensive and elegant..  Some may think that it s more costly compared to the ordinary concrete mix but in the long run, we'll be saving much on time, money and stressful situation undergoing major renovations.

Building and improving a house shouldn't be a painful experience.  It should be a worthwhile opportunity for us to learn the basics and the latest trends in house construction and development.  After all, our home sweet homes are our precious possessions and it should be treated with extreme care and attention.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Swimming Is Fun!

One of the things that we've enjoyed most during our one week stay in the hotel at Bangkok is the use of the hotel's pool.  I personally choose a hotel with a swimming pool because of my daughter Mika who really loves to swim.  The hotel's pool is just of a modest size but just adequate.  Not all hotel guests are using the pool as most are busy roaming around the streets of Bangkok so most of the time, we are the only guests using the pool.  I think most of the guests are using it in the morning and we love to be there at night time after shopping.  Pretty good, huh?

The hotel's pool as advertised should come with Jacuzzi but when we were there, these were not available. I actually prefer to swim in a heated pool. That would surely be relaxing!  The hotel should have made this possible through raypak pool heaters and I swear, hotel guests will surely be delighted.

Anyway, the hotel comes with an affordable price package and the presence of this pool is really a great plus factor.

Well, this is just one of the highlights of our vacation and I'm sure to be sharing more of the stories soon.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Plant Art From Bangkok

I wouldn't deny the fact that I really love plants and I'm much into gardening.  However, due to my absence in the house, I didn't have enough time to tender my own garden.  I only got the time to attend to it every time I take my vacation in the Philippines.  I have so much things to do to improve my garden and I wish it could be done, soon.

During my recent visit to Bangkok Thailand, I had so much fun looking at the nice views of their lovely theme parks, temples and those lovely gardens!  I really love to see those amazing plant arts.  I really had a great time taking pictures of those. How I wish I could have some of those plant designs in my house too.  

Do you love gardening, too?

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