Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Choosing A Safe Home Footwear

When we were shopping at Bangkok, I was thinking of what would be the best gift that I could buy for my Mom.  She's in her old age and doesn't need a fancy thing.  She would never be interested in clothes anymore.  At her age, all what she wanted is to be comfortable while in the house.  I really had a hard time choosing the best souvenir gift for her.  We left her at home just with the company of our house helper during our Bangkok trip, and and I would like to please her by giving her something that she would definitely love.

Walking around the streets of China town, I happened to see a shop selling comfortable and cute house slippers.  To be honest, it was my first time to see such cute designs. I bought two pairs for my Mom and I have the feeling that she would really like it. 

If you are curious about what' so special with those house slippers, then I would tell you that these are not only comfortable but safe and stylish.  I want my Mom to be comfy at home and at the same time, I want to make sure that she'll be safe while moving around the house.  A good pair of comfortable house slippers is a must for older adults.  Non skid soles would provide less chance of falls.  Choose a fabric that could warmth your feet especially during the cold season.  Avoid those house slippers with thick treads as these may result to losing balance when walking.  Aside from safety, perhaps we also wouldn't want to stay away from our sense of style so these cute designs will surely be a hit.  Admittedly, I regret not buying even a pair for myself.  Not until I found this online shop selling the most stylish, comfortable and affordable house slippers.  There are variety of designs to choose from and all were hand crafted using the finest materials.  You can easily choose the color, the design and the size that you would like to order and what more, they are now offering free ground shipping.  You can choose from their wide array of lovely designs in three categories, "best seller", "classic" and "seasonal".  All of these at an affordable discounted price.

After browsing at their online catalog, I was able to pick 3 designs that I truly love.  All designs are made with a special fabric material that's so soft and comfy.  The sole has a soft cushion which is definitely a plus factor.  Realizing how important it is to be safe and comfortable even at home, I wouldn't let the chance pass of owning a pair or two for myself.  This might be my Christmas gift to myself and I would like to take advantage of using the code to avail of the free shipping.

Would you care to have one, too?

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