Plant Art From Bangkok

I wouldn't deny the fact that I really love plants and I'm much into gardening.  However, due to my absence in the house, I didn't have enough time to tender my own garden.  I only got the time to attend to it every time I take my vacation in the Philippines.  I have so much things to do to improve my garden and I wish it could be done, soon.

During my recent visit to Bangkok Thailand, I had so much fun looking at the nice views of their lovely theme parks, temples and those lovely gardens!  I really love to see those amazing plant arts.  I really had a great time taking pictures of those. How I wish I could have some of those plant designs in my house too.  

Do you love gardening, too?


  1. Hi Kriz! Nadalaw dito. Musta na ikaw? Okei naman ang back to work mo? Mukhang sulit na sulit ang bakasyon mo at ng iyong kids ah ;)


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