Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Swimming Is Fun!

One of the things that we've enjoyed most during our one week stay in the hotel at Bangkok is the use of the hotel's pool.  I personally choose a hotel with a swimming pool because of my daughter Mika who really loves to swim.  The hotel's pool is just of a modest size but just adequate.  Not all hotel guests are using the pool as most are busy roaming around the streets of Bangkok so most of the time, we are the only guests using the pool.  I think most of the guests are using it in the morning and we love to be there at night time after shopping.  Pretty good, huh?

The hotel's pool as advertised should come with Jacuzzi but when we were there, these were not available. I actually prefer to swim in a heated pool. That would surely be relaxing!  The hotel should have made this possible through raypak pool heaters and I swear, hotel guests will surely be delighted.

Anyway, the hotel comes with an affordable price package and the presence of this pool is really a great plus factor.

Well, this is just one of the highlights of our vacation and I'm sure to be sharing more of the stories soon.

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