Saturday, December 8, 2012

Crafts Corner

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I found this great crafts organizing idea and I think that if you really had an extra space in the house to transform into a crafts corner, why not?  This will hold all your craft materials in one place and can be    arranged neatly the way you wanted it.  I'm sure as a Mom, you might be having the same dilemma with me and that is putting all things together in one place.  My two kids used to keep a lot of stuff for their school projects and we just keep those extra stock in one small cabinet, but since it was not designed for that purpose, the tendency is, when they are looking for a particular thing inside the cabinet, let's say a glue gun or colored papers, they would simply pull out everything. The result?  One big mess! 

Of course, here I am, a mother to a rescue and will start rearranging things again and again.  So, I think that creating a crafts corner at home will help us organize things more easily as everything of the same category will all be tucked into one neat space.  Items used in the photo can be ordered online or you can make use of your available resources at home.  I think, if you do have an empty closet in a room, you can convert it into a crafts cabinet by adding some shelves and hangers.  Cool, right?

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