Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Living Room Design For A Small Space

I've seen this living room design from one of the home depot stores that I've visited when I was vacationing in the Philippines.  I love it's black and white color combination.  The wall decors look stunning!  The two white lamp shades on both sides of the sofa makes the over all look even more sophisticated.  I guess, this set up is good for condos with a limited living room space.  It's chic and modern!

Items on the photo can be bought per piece.  You can add up or minus depending on your requirements. If I would use this design, perhaps I would just lessen on the wall decors a bit. I think the 2 rectangular wall frames on two sides plus the big wall clock in the middle will suffice.

1 comment:

  1. Sa akin pag maliit ang space para sa sala, pipiliin ko yung minimalist approach. Yung modern look ata yun parang condo ang design, hehehe.


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