Friday, December 14, 2012

Tips In Effectively Removing Stains

I used to do my laundry with the aid of a fully automatic washing machine and it saves me a lot of time which I could devote to more worthwhile activities such as reading, blogging and net surfing.  But I often encounter problems in removing stains.  Sometimes, I have to hand wash few pieces of clothes as I'm worried that the satins couldn't be removed by just having these washed in the machine.  There are different types of stains that's really hard to get rid of like food based stains, oil, ink, make up, etc.

I found some ways to remove stains from the article of Steve Boorstein, author of The Clothing Doctor's 99 Secerets to Cleaning and Clothing Care and I'll be sharing these with you here:

1.) For food stains like chocolate, ice cream, red wine, soda, beer, milk, coffee and ketchup, you can hit these stains by dabbing a little liquid diswashing detergent mixed with water on the stain but don't rub.  Follow by dubbing the stain with a water soaked white cloth.

2.) Makeup and ring around the collar, pretreat with a liquid detergent or stain remover and warm water, then wash.

3.) Food grease or oil and ink, these can be treated using the stain removers that cab be bought from the local grocery shop, but it's best to have it done on a dry cleaning shop.

4.) For bike grease, pretreat with your favorite stain remover, then use the pre-wash cycle and wash with warm or hot water.  Air dry anything with grease stains; dryer heat can set the stain.

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