Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Insurance for Thatched Properties

Thatched properties were once considered a symbol of poverty. However, things have changed today and these thatched properties now serve as classic showpieces of history as well as an integral part of rural lifestyle in the UK. Given the unique requirements of home insurance for thatched properties, very few insurance providers come forward to offer household insurance schemes for such structures.

Thatched roof structures, simple holiday homes or comfortable cottages set in an idyllic and picturesque rural setting may seem very inviting to the city dweller. However, there is a slight difficulty in obtaining an affordable insurance cover for these properties, primarily because of the inflammable nature of thatch. Contrary to common belief, thatched roofs may not really go up in flames immediately but tend to smoulder causing a different kind of damage to the underlying structure – once the fire starts to spread the destruction is extensive.

Thatched properties are, in fact, exposed to the very same risks faced by standard homes. With quality electrical installation and safety systems in place, fire accidents are easily preventable. 

Home Insurance Costs for Thatched Properties

Inexperienced insurance providers or those who do not wish to handle additional risks may quote exorbitantly high rates to secure thatched structures. Though the costs may be slightly higher than house insurance cover for standard homes, they can get reasonable depending on the insurance provider.

Why exactly is it expensive to obtain home insurance and house contents insurance for thatched structures? 
  • Thatch has now become a scarce resource, given the popularity of mechanised farming. It is, therefore, costly to repair or replace damaged roofs. Further, the task also requires hiring expert craftsmen skilled in thatching roofs. This makes it expensive to hunt for and employ the services of experienced thatchers.
  • The durability of a repaired or replaced thatched roof depends on the quality of a thatch used for the purpose and how well it is packed to reconstruct the structure. Local weather conditions also determine the life span of thatched roofs.
Given these unique requirements, thatched structures are relatively expensive to insure. 
Yet another important factor that influences insurance cost is the age of the structure. Listed properties need additional care to maintain the structure intact and, hence, quality of material or craftsmanship cannot be compromised for cost.

Saving on Home Insurance Costs for Thatched Structures

It is possible to save up on home insurance costs for thatched structures by adopting prescribed precautionary measures that help reduce risks associated with these properties. Some of these preventive measures are:
  • Fire proofing chimneys and flues, especially if woodstoves are used in the fireplace and kitchens in thatched properties
  • Regular inspection and cleaning of chimneys to ensure the safety of these structures
  • Using prescribed electrical fittings and wiring to reduce the risk of electrical faults that may trigger a fire.
  • Fire proofing thatched roofing with prescribed flame retardants 
  • Securing the empty space below the roof with a fire-resistant plank or board to prevent damage to home interiors.
  • Installing fire alarm or smoke detectors within home interiors as well as vantage points on the roof to detect fires before they get visible.
In addition to implementing these safety mechanisms, having a powder fire extinguisher handy will help to immediately douse any suspicious flare in the structure.

Home insurance providers usually include these safety measures as a part of their policy, making them mandatory to stake a claim. They also offer advisory services on safety measures and help assess the value of property, risks, rebuild costs, and accordingly decide on the cover.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Studio Wall Shelf

Photo credit:  potterybarn

Just found this cool studio wall shelf from potterybarn and I just love it's simplicity and elegance.  Both colors look stunning but I would prefer the black one as it complements the color motif in my living room.  I love the idea that it's movable and handy, too.  You could rearrange it the way you wanted it as it can easily be dragged anywhere in the house.  Should I mention that it saves a lot of space, too?

You can get one from potterybarn for a price of $383 but not sure though if this is allowed for international shipping.  Anyway, you can fabricate one on your own and the best thing is that, you can apply your own color, too. :) 

Essential Tools For Home Use

Recently, I have visited a hardware near to my apartment to look for basic tools that I can use for my room. While browsing their tools section, I thought of buying a set of tools for my house in the Philippines, too.  Well, we already have some but I am thinking of completing our tool box in the house.  I think we need more items like electric drill, plunger clamp, vise grip, crescent wrench, needle nose pliers and utility knives.

Keeping a well equipped tool box is a must in all houses.  Not every repair works in the house must be done by an expert.  Some basic handyman jobs should be done by the men in the house.  For this tool requirements, I think that it is also best to look for some quality tools that could last a life time.  We maybe tempted to buy those cheaper brands but these wont last long and would be a waste of money.  I think we have to start by getting the basic tools first, then move on to other not so important tools later.

It pays to be ready during emergencies and having all these basic tools in place will help us do our handyman jobs with ease and comfort.   A reminder though, be sure that we know how to use these tools before buying them. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Installing AC units In Your Homes

It's nearly summer in the Philippines and I'm sure that a lot of people especially those living in the metropolis are now finding ways to beat the heat.  While there are so many outdoor activities that could be done to beat the heat like going for country side picnics, swimming, engaging in water sports activities or simply strolling around the mall and have a serving of your favorite ice cream, still at the end of the day, you have to get back home.  If your house doesn't have a proper air conditioning unit, chances are you and your family might experience difficulty having a good night sleep. I guess air conditioning Forth Worth could be of great help when it comes to sourcing air conditioning contractors. But first, it is extremely important that you have to choose the right size of air conditioning system for your house. Not getting the right size would affect the efficiency of it's performance and wouldn't be able to serve it's purpose of cooling your homes. Nonetheless, too large air conditioners consumed much electricity and would definitely add up to the family's overhead expenses. 

Buying the right quality of  air conditioning unit doesn't only give us the guarantee of an effective cooling system for our homes, but also, it could save us a great deal of time and effort going for unnecessary repairs and servicing of the unit, should we opted to buy the ones of inferior quality. Nonetheless, it would also be best to keep a list or contact information of the experts when it comes to preventive maintenance servicing like the AC repair forth worth.

Knowing the basics about air conditioning system could save us from trouble and could give us the best cooling results that we've always wanted for our homes.

Window Makeover?

Photo Credit :

If you already feel bored with your bedroom or your reading nook, why don't you try to add life by using satin ribbons of various colors. Got this idea from femalenetwork when they featured this article called "Curtain(Re)Call", which was originally published in "Real Home" section  of Real Living Philippines.  They actually featured there 6 different DIY projects for a window makeover.  But this idea of using satin ribbons is my personal favorite.  I don't know though how many rolls of ribbons will you be using for this project. I suppose, it would be around several rolls. But this is a very simple project as there is no sewing and cutting required.  All you have to do is to tie strips of colored ribbons around the curtain rod and you are on your way to a cool DIY curtain full of colors.

Maybe, I would be trying this one.  What do you think?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Real Estate Yard Signs

Whenever I travel on main roads and highways, I always see some ads from real estate developers announcing an open house for their newly built town houses or newly opened subdivision.  I would admit, I always end up stopping to read the announcement or I would grab my phone to jot down the contact numbers posted on the ads as well as the location and the name of the developer.  Maybe one of the reasons is that, I always dream of investing in real estate.  Although I'm already halfway on my dream as I have already accomplished something in building my assets, I am still interested to have another one if opportunity arises and my resources would allow me.  But I think apart from my great interest in real estate, I'm also attracted with the colorful yard signs.  

A truly professional real estate agent makes use of the effectiveness of yard signs in marketing their business. This is so because yard signs are great lead generators. It always succeed in creating a buzz about houses on sale or even those properties for lease.  Being the cheapest form of advertising, Yard Signs had taken it's toil for being the best business marketing tool.  Mostly small businesses are the ones benefiting from this kind of advertising due to it's huge scope of publicity.  You can even design a yard sign of your own and see results in an instant.  I remembered making some for our property that we would like to lease.  We have posted these signs on every corner streets in our subdivision and on the main road near to the property that we want to lease.  We made the signs very simple and colorful with just few texts.  What we are offering, the price, contact numbers and location of the property.  We got a number of responses just the day after the yard signs were in place.  I was amazed at how effective this simple form of advertising is.

Now that the internet has already been widely used for social networking and advertising, businesses may now ignore the effectiveness of using yard signs as a marketing tool.  But personally, I think that yard signs are still the best bet for marketing a business.  This is the reason why until now, it is still widely used even by larger companies.   Why not? Putting up yard signs won't let you lose anything as this doesn't incur much expenses and the result is quite fulfilling...reaching out to the people happily and comfortably.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Space Saving Herb Garden Idea

I did mention in my post on my main blog that starting an herb garden is one of my goals for 2013.  I'd long been wanting to have a mini herb garden in the house, as I am looking forward to having my own produce but this has always been set aside and being forwarded to next year's goals. Sometimes, it's funny to think that I could work on bigger goals but always fail on smaller goals. :)

Speaking of herb garden, I got this fabulous idea of having an herb garden without consuming a large space in our yard.  It's a practical idea, isn't it?  It serves the purpose and apart from having an herb garden in an instant, this could also be a nice attraction in our garden as the plant holder itself will serve as a decorative piece in our yard.  I might consider doing this design for our house.

I hope, you too. :)


7 Tips To Preserve Your Patio Furniture During Winter

Winter can be considered as the queen of seasons for many of us. People all over the world like to go out and play in the snow during these months. Winter often provides you many chances to chill and relax, but there are certain things you need to take care of during the winter season.


Outdoor furniture and patios are quite common in almost all households. People love this area, because these areas act as places of relaxation for the family members. A stylish patio space increases the royalty and elegance of your home and people are very keen to preserve the beauty of this space. During summer, your outdoor furniture is prone to a lot of wear and tear. So we need to be very careful during the winter season to preserve this furniture without further damage. Chilly winds and piles of snow are very common during winter, so you need to follow certain tips and tricks to obtain more mileage for even the highest quality patio furniture brands.

1. Clean the furniture. This is the first and foremost step you should follow to protect your outdoor furniture. You can clean the furniture using a sponge and mild detergent water. This process will remove the dirt and other materials from the surface of furniture. For metal furniture, you can use steel wools or other rust proofing materials to protect it from wearing out. Once the cleaning is over, wipe the entire surface and make sure it gets dried up completely.

Different furniture has to be treated in different ways. Oak will be the best choice during winter as it is most resilient to the season. If you have plastic furniture in your patio, cover it up with ultra violet resistant materials. Direct exposure of ultra violet radiations will deteriorate the plastic molecules. If you have metal chairs, check whether it has any scratches or patches. If there are any rusted parts, repaint them as quickly as possible before the wet weather sets in. Always make sure that you are not using a pressure washer to clean your furniture. This practice will make the wood dry and there are more chances of decay. If you have aluminum furniture, clean it using mild soap and lukewarm water. Always make sure that you are not using abrasive cleaners or hard-core detergents.

2. Store the furniture in a closed garage. Storing the furniture in a safe place is the next thing you should do to protect your computer. You can use the garage to keep all these furniture and this will help you to protect them from snowfall, wind and rain. This habit will increase the mileage of your furniture for sure.

3. Protect the furniture from sunlight.


Some people use out buildings to store furniture during winter. In these cases, make sure that your furniture is not exposed to direct sunlight. The rays of sun can fade the color of your furniture to a great extent, especially for the wooden parts. So in order to avoid this exposure, you can cover your furniture with a thick cloth or furniture wrapping material.

4. Use PVC furniture covers. If you don't have a garage or an out building, PVC furniture covers will be the best option for you to protect them from damage. These covers help you to protect the furniture from the cold and chilled weather. These covers also have a ultra violet shielding feature, and this helps you to protect furniture from bleaching caused by sunlight.

5. Use protective varnishes. There are protective varnishes available in the market which will aid you to keep the furniture from damaging. These varnishes can be coated on the surface of the furniture and it will hinder possible damage caused to the furniture due to adverse weather. For aluminum furniture, applying automobile wax in an annual basis will increase its longevity.

6. Apply protective layer. You can apply a film of water repelling material to protect your furniture from damage. This film is very durable and it will increase the mileage of your patio furniture for sure.

Neat and attractive outdoor furniture adds elegance to your home. It gives your patio a special outlook with a charismatic ambiance. So, pay proper care and attention to your patio furniture so that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Yoga At Home?

Goals....goals....goals.  Starting of 2013, I have made a commitment to myself  to pay particular attention to my health and I think it should be a high time for me to pick up an exercise regimen that would keep me in shape and stress free.  I have long been thinking of  learning yoga but only that I couldn't find the time.  Enrolling in a fitness class or going to a gym is not a feasible idea either.  I'm tied up with work and I'm staying now in a suburb so those yoga classes are not even offered here.

What if I just learn yoga at home? Would it be a sound idea?  I'm thinking of just doing some research or download  some video tutorials that I follow at home and perhaps, it would also be a good idea to order some printed yoga mats to keep me motivated.  I've heard yoga classes will teach you right posture, right breathing, right diet, right relaxation, as well as positive thinking and meditation.  Now, I'm on a look out for some online resources for yoga courses as I am bit convince to take up a yoga class soon.  I hope that this could be beneficial for me health wise and I'm really keen on doing this.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tips And advice In Getting Your Dream Home

I am bit reluctant in writing this post as I do not consider myself a "guru" when it comes to building homes and buying properties, but the fact that I have already acquired several properties to my credit, would somehow place me in a position to at least share my own personal experiences. 

Why did I decide to write this post?

It's because I've been constantly reading posts and articles from various blogs listing, "owning homes" as one of their top goals for 2013.  Besides, I always hear this personally from my staff and colleagues at work.  They're all saying that they are dreaming of having their own homes one day.  I've been listening to their stories and plans, and most of them are considering to apply for a housing loan while others are wanting to save for a lot purchase which never materialized even after several years of working abroad.  It's too bad that some of them realized the necessity of having their own homes a little bit too late.  Out of desperation, they would resort to getting a housing loan from a developer with 20 to 30 years payment terms, which I personally think is not a good idea especially so, if you are already in the middle age bracket.  Maybe a maximum of 10 years payment terms would be acceptable but a 5 year term is most preferable.  

Admittedly, getting a housing loan never crossed my mind even if I don't have enough funds to pay in cash.  I don't like to welcome the idea of going into debts or would I say, I hate taking risks. Pardon me but this has been my guiding principle.  I used to tell my staff before and even my friends that taking risks only applies to those who are single as nobody depends on them, but the moment you already have a family, the last thing that you would do is to compromise the future of your children.  I do not wish to enter into something that  I don't have any assurance. In other words, I started by purchasing a simple house which we bought at a cheaper price from what we have on hand.  Living in your own home would set you free from monthly rental fees which eats up a big percentage of your monthly income. That monthly rental fees that we saved out of owning a modest home were saved and used to improve the house that we bought. Yearly, we would introduce some minor renovations and expansions until we get satisfied with how the house looks. We do it on a staggered basis, out of "little savings" that we have from our fixed monthly incomes. The result? We save on interest should we resorted to getting loans.  Not only that, I learned that real estate developers or even PAG IBIG would foreclose your properties should you fail to remit your monthly amortization for 3 consecutive months.  That time, I was trying to be realistic. "What if we lose our jobs"?  How are we going to pay for the loan?  "Would I lose my house eventually after paying for it for several years?"  These are the questions that keep on bombarding me.  This pushed me to discipline myself and strive to achieve what I want in a timely manner.

When I was working in the Philippines,  I never spent my 13th month pay and was saving a part of my husband's earnings.  I saved some amount every year. The savings were used for the first purchase of a property that comes with an "affordable price".  We continually worked on improving the property until it increased it's market value.  After few years of staying there, opportunities come our way.  We were blessed having good paying jobs.  As our income increases and so are the needs of the family.  We need a car and after buying a car, we realized that we wanted a bigger yard, a garage and a bigger space to tender a garden.  We began scouting for another property that we can afford to pay in cash, I mean from our savings, until we've found one.  We love the piece of land so much and the location of the subdivision but the price is a bit higher than what we have in hand. Using my charms (ehem), my husband and I were able to convince the seller (who was sending his daughter to college that time and wanting a sure monthly remittance) to allow us to pay the balance in 2 to 3 years time without interest. Without interest? Yes, believe it or not, he agreed!  Call it divine intervention, but I really believe in the power of prayers. :)

We tried to live modestly for more than 2 years while we pay off the balance of the lot and slowly building the house.  We are debt free after almost 3 years time and the house was completely finished.  To be realistic, I estimate 3 years to be a safe time frame and we stick to our time table.  When we moved in to the new house (the second one), I was able to derive a fixed income out of the rental of the first house and we are able to use that to finance the required maintenance for both houses and to introduce some improvements, too.  That amount, plus our personal savings were used for expansion and designing the house the way we wanted it. Needless to say, we succeed!

From there, we have moved on to a third property and we are adopting the same concept.  I'm happy to say that I will be done paying all the balance this year for that third investment. God's gift!

To sum up this post, I would like to attribute our success to the following virtues:
  1. Discipline
  2. Perseverance
  3. Team work
  4. Determination
  5. Hard work
  6. Faith in God
  7. Believing in our dreams
To end up, I would just like to share what I always tell to my children....

I always achieve my goals most of the time because I value hard work and I always strive to be the best of what I can be. I used to tell them, "Hindi pwedeng pwede na".  You always have to give your best in whatever you do.  That, coupled with prayers and a strong faith in God and in yourself will bring you to achieving your goals no matter how high or simple it is.  

Plumbing Basics

Over the years, the most common problem that I encountered in the house is plumbing related.  I really hate it when out kitchen sink gets clogged up, shower head gets dirty, toilet bowl and toilet floor drain gets obstructed which can cause the water to stay in place.  I know that most of the times, these things occurred due to irresponsible behaviors of house occupants.  While it is an accepted fact that these are bound to happen and cannot be avoided, it would be best to get some basic information on what things can be avoided to address the problem.  I used to brief my house helper to avoid putting food waste, solids and kitchen oils down the drain.  I also make it a point to clean the sink and the drain pipe regularly.  This thing can easily be done without even causing you to spend anything.

I always keep bottles of vinegar ready in my pantry and this is not only for cooking purposes but also because of the many uses of vinegar in the house.  Apart from being an effective cleansing agent for soiled pots and pans,  and an effective cleaning agent to get rid of stains, vinegar can also be a good alternative in cleaning drain and pipes.  This together with baking soda when poured into the drain can make your sink clog free.  

However, more complicated plumbing problems would require the expertise of plumbing technicians and this is where I failed most of the time.  I'm having a hard time finding the right people for the job and this can result to more expenses being incurred as same problem arises as a result of inefficiency of people doing the job. I wish there is a Roto-Rooter Plumbing services available in our area as this could save me a great deal of time and effort looking for trusted people to do the job. Plumbing problems at home cannot be neglected and looking for a possible solution cannot be postponed as it may eventually result to more complicated problems later on.  Besides, performance of our daily tasks might be hampered as a result.

Having reliable, fast and efficient plumbing experts that can be contacted at once during the outbreak of a problem is such a relief for any home maker.  To sum up, I think it would be best to keep the contact details of the trusted experts at hand for easy reference, but having ourselves equipped with a basic know how of how to solve our plumbing problems would always put us on top of the situation.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Carpet Cleaning Tips

When we first decided to install a carpet in our living room two years ago, our focus was just to accentuate the living room and to have a color coordination that would best fit our new interior design.  We have chosen black, orange and white to be the coordinating colors in the house and we started to reupholstered the sofa with a black leather, the bean bags and throw pillows with white leather and paint the walls with bright orange color.   We bought a black carpet with white design and I would say that it fits the living room well.

Everything was okay and we are happy with the outcome.  Only later did I realized that maintaining a carpet is not really an easy task.  Keeping it clean and removing stubborn stains became my number one problem. When we decided to have a shih-tzu pup, the problem became even greater as we need to get rid of his falling hair.

When you have a carpet in the house, you should learn the basics of keeping it clean and tidy like regular vacuuming,  using a lint brush to remove our pet's fur, and buying some carpet cleaning products that we need to use to shampoo the carpet to get rid of it's unpleasant odor.  Using a cleaning solution became a nightmare as you have to do a lot of testing to ensure that it won't damage or discolor your carpet.  We also resorted to using baking soda combined with some crushed dried herbs like lavender and rosemary, having it sprinkled all over the carpet, let it stand there for at least 20 minutes, then vacuum it.  

I have heard about Green Choice Carpet Cleaning in which the main idea is to use safe and effective green cleaning products. Eco-friendly green cleansers are use for safe carpet cleaning.  Avoiding chemicals for your carpet cleaning and using organic products would be the best choice if we are keen to protect the health and safety of our family, pets and home. Green Choice uses a line of cleaning products that can proved to be a safer and more effective alternative to toxic ingredients found on most carpet cleaning products. 

I think as home makers, we get to be conscious not only about the cleanliness of our homes but likewise, we have to consider the safety of our family and our environment, as well.  If all home makers could adopt this mind set, then ours will be a safer and cleaner environment.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bed Side Book Shelf

Since I am a person who loves to read inspirational books and have a peek on my favorite glossy home magazines before going to sleep, I wish that I could have a bed side book shelf or rack that could hold my fave books within reach.  I think that would be a cool idea!

Speaking of bed side book case, I think I would prefer something like these two photos below:

I have chosen these two designs because it's cute, simple and easy to do. I couldn't wait to get back home and start with all my crafts this March. :) Xoxo

Friday, January 11, 2013

Home Based Business

I've been hearing a lot of stories about successful home based businesses that are mostly being operated by who else but Moms!  I always get fascinated with their inspiring stories and their hard work to achieving what they really had now.  They are the selfless individuals who had a great passion for work and family.  That's obviously the reason why they prefer to work from the comforts of their own homes.

Over the years, I get to know that planning is a very important part of business. Without proper planning, expect that everything will be put into waste.  Research plays a vital role in learning the basics and the ins and outs of your business. Managing your money wisely is another thing.  Business is a risk and we have to learn how to manage those hard earned money  should we want to engage ourselves into something that would require a bigger capital. The next important part of going into home business is the ability to promote your products and services.  There are so many ways to promote your business and one of these is self promotion.  Get yourself and your products be known by creating your portfolio.  You can extend your network through social media or getting some presentable steel business cards which contains your personal contact numbers and particulars.  You have to make sure that you are within reach, so presenting yourself in a timely manner is most appropriate at all times.   

I am also looking forward to establish my own home based business one day.  I want to have a full control of my time and my money.  It would also be fulfilling to work and earn while you are still being abreast with what's happening with your family members.

When the right time comes, I think that I might be resorting to this kind of set up.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tumble Dryers – A Quick Guide

During the cold and wet weather, drying your laundry outside isn’t always possible, and for families living in homes without a garden, it can be difficult to get the washing dry quickly. This is where a tumble dryer can be a godsend. Not only do they dry clothes quickly and quietly, but they also leave you laundry smelling fresh, feeling soft to the touch, and quite often there’ll be no need for any ironing. 

You’ll find some fantastic offers on tumble dryers from ASDA, but before you buy, it’s important to take a look at the two types of dyers available – vented and condenser – and examine the pros and cons of both.

A vented tumble dryer takes the warm, damp air produced when drying your clothes and discharges it through a 2m plastic hose. You’ll need to install the machine near an outside window, or some models come with a venting kit, which means the hose can be fixed to a vent in an outside wall.

Condenser dryers separate water from the moist air into a container, which is emptied after drying. For added convenience, this can also be pumped out via the washing machine plumbing if possible.

Pros and cons
As a rule, vented machines are cheaper to run than condenser models. On average they normally use less energy, but you will need the space to install a vented tumble dryer near an outside window or wall, which may not always be possible if you live in a flat. It may also be inconvenient to have to keep a window open while you’re using the machine - especially in winter.

Condenser dryers have the advantage over vented machines in the fact that they can be installed in any well-ventilated room in your home. However, they are more expensive to buy, and you need to remember to empty the plastic reservoir and service the condenser chamber regularly too.

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Dream Bath Room

I am a great fan of beautifully designed homes with matching elegant furnishings and fixtures.  Why not? Who would not want to live in style?

I haven't admitted it before but one of my greatest fancies when it comes to home is a beautifully designed bathroom with matching jacuzzi. Something like this one here below:

Well, it's not about luxury but I really love going to spa for steam bath and body massage and how I wish to have one elegant and functional jacuzzi at home which I could indulge with during my spare time.  I'm a health conscious individual and would normally look after beauty and wellness.  I also have a strong faith in the healing power of hydrotherapy.  Aside from the fact that it can offer comfort and massage, it is also an alternative way for a relaxed bonding activity with your family.  Soaking in a jacuzzi before sleep can relieve you of all the stress acquired during the day and could also bring you to a good night sleep.

I think that soaking in a warm bath complete with massage pressures from your jacuzzi could also help ease the pains of aching muscles, so this will be good for older people, too.  For those who are planning to build their homes and want a jacuzzi in place you could consult and visit for jacuzzi tubs . You will surely find a design that could complement the size and the color of your bathroom and price range would be up to it's design, size and features.

I was thinking that if I could have one in the house, then I could lessen my trips to spa.  It could help, not only me but all the members of the family as well.  Jacuzzi could also aid in lowering blood pressure and can help us prevent hypertension which is a killer disease now a days.

Given the option, would you choose to get one for your house, too?

Hanging Lanterns For Outdoor Parties

Since it's going to be summer time soon, I can only think of holding parties at home as the most suitable way of connecting with old friends and new acquaintances.  For those who are regularly visiting this blog, perhaps you are already aware that I am a person who loves to do creative projects at home.  Needless to say, I'm so in love with decorating and interior designs and I'm always on a look out for some fresh ideas to bring life to my humble abode.  friends also know me well for being a person who is always full of surprises and my own creative instinct had never let me down.  That's the way I am and I will always be!

My house is a labor love and though it's simple, it never ceased to received praises from people who visit our house because of how we decorate both the interior and exterior of the house and by the way we do parties at home.  Yes, even on holding parties, we usually set every occasion unique and full of surprises.

For my next party at home, I am thinking of putting up some lighted tea candles around the garden and perhaps some hanging lanterns, as shown on the above photo.  I would like to set up a different mood for that party and I wanted to give it a best shot. Well, I already have few ideas in mind and I couldn't wait to have it done on my next vacation.

Will sure to keep you posted on this!  

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Paving Stones For Your Driveways

Another item in my wish list in as far as house improvement is concerned is installing paving stones in our garage.  I haven't done it so far because, we are still thinking of constructing an additional bedroom on top of our garage and installing paving stones in the driveway should be on the last part of our projects.  I don't want to put my money into waste if I would do it now since the construction of an additional bedroom might just cause damage to the paving stones.  But since, I am a goal oriented person, advance planning and research is always a must for me.  I don't want to fail on any project that I do, so I make sure that everything is carefully studied.

Well, I'd been eyeing for an inspiration and I was just so ecstatic to discover some really gorgeous designs for interlocking brick driveway pavers online.  These are available at  There are a variety of designs to choose from and all designs can surely transform your outdoor spaces into something really stunning.  Installed by hard scape experts, clients can only be assured of high quality materials and services.

I think that apart from adding beauty to your house, installing paving stones also had a number of benefits. You can be assured of a stronger driveway, it can complement the overall design of your house and landscape, easy to install and requires less curing time than concrete, durable, easy to repair as individual paver can be removed and replaced when necessary and best of all, easy to maintain.

The so many advantages of having paving stones in our driveways and walkways really convinced me of pushing through with my plan.  I am just really excited to choose from so many colors, sizes and designs available.  I'm sure that it will transform our garage into something that's really attractive.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

KC Concepcion's Condo Unit

For a brand new start, I would like to feature another celebrity house to welcome 2013.  I wanted this post to serve as an inspiration to all young singles and professionals to dream big.  KC had indeed find her way to invest on her own condo unit with all the lavish furnishings from her own earnings, and this I considered a good move for her since now a days, most of the young adults who are just starting to earn their own money would normally spend a bigger part of their earnings for gadgets and all those liabilities instead of focusing to build their assets.

Let's have a peek on KC Concepcion's lovely abode.  All photos here are courtesy of and credited to ABS CBN's  Kris TV.

Living Room 

This is the design of KC's condo unit wall covering which she brought all the way from Paris.  This according to her was a statement piece and considered as her greatest splurge in the whole condo unit. This has a dimmer and can also be illuminated.

This is a vintage trunk which started from 1926.  This is a delicate piece that KC really treasures.

This is KC's reading nook in her condo.

This bench with cushion doubles as a storage cabinet where KC keeps some blankets and towels for her guests.  A nice space saving idea.

KC's tastefully designed kitchen.  So neat, spacious and elegant!

Her dinnerware collection which according to her was from the Marcoses. 

KC's lovely and elegant wine bar. 

Inside KC's walk in closet.

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