Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bed Side Book Shelf

Since I am a person who loves to read inspirational books and have a peek on my favorite glossy home magazines before going to sleep, I wish that I could have a bed side book shelf or rack that could hold my fave books within reach.  I think that would be a cool idea!

Speaking of bed side book case, I think I would prefer something like these two photos below:

I have chosen these two designs because it's cute, simple and easy to do. I couldn't wait to get back home and start with all my crafts this March. :) Xoxo


  1. i like the 2nd photo!!! :-) i want to have that kind of bedside bookshelf too!!! sakto we're in room renov mode...:D

  2. I love the little house book shelf. That would be perfect for any youngster to house their books

  3. i like the first pic, i will ask my dad to construct that beside my bed
    thanks for the idea

  4. Me too, I like the 1st photo. Nice idea to use as a book mark at the same time :)

  5. They do look cute! Specially the one that looks like a house. Would love one as a bookshelf in the living room! hehe :)


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