Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Carpet Cleaning Tips

When we first decided to install a carpet in our living room two years ago, our focus was just to accentuate the living room and to have a color coordination that would best fit our new interior design.  We have chosen black, orange and white to be the coordinating colors in the house and we started to reupholstered the sofa with a black leather, the bean bags and throw pillows with white leather and paint the walls with bright orange color.   We bought a black carpet with white design and I would say that it fits the living room well.

Everything was okay and we are happy with the outcome.  Only later did I realized that maintaining a carpet is not really an easy task.  Keeping it clean and removing stubborn stains became my number one problem. When we decided to have a shih-tzu pup, the problem became even greater as we need to get rid of his falling hair.

When you have a carpet in the house, you should learn the basics of keeping it clean and tidy like regular vacuuming,  using a lint brush to remove our pet's fur, and buying some carpet cleaning products that we need to use to shampoo the carpet to get rid of it's unpleasant odor.  Using a cleaning solution became a nightmare as you have to do a lot of testing to ensure that it won't damage or discolor your carpet.  We also resorted to using baking soda combined with some crushed dried herbs like lavender and rosemary, having it sprinkled all over the carpet, let it stand there for at least 20 minutes, then vacuum it.  

I have heard about Green Choice Carpet Cleaning in which the main idea is to use safe and effective green cleaning products. Eco-friendly green cleansers are use for safe carpet cleaning.  Avoiding chemicals for your carpet cleaning and using organic products would be the best choice if we are keen to protect the health and safety of our family, pets and home. Green Choice uses a line of cleaning products that can proved to be a safer and more effective alternative to toxic ingredients found on most carpet cleaning products. 

I think as home makers, we get to be conscious not only about the cleanliness of our homes but likewise, we have to consider the safety of our family and our environment, as well.  If all home makers could adopt this mind set, then ours will be a safer and cleaner environment.


  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Thanks for the tips! But I would like to mention, that no cleaning is required (e.g. after painting or renovation) when you allways use some carpet protection like carpet protection film http://www.pro-tect.com/products/carpet-protection-products/carpet-protection-plastic-film.html. Remember and you are not suposed to do any cleaning :)

  3. our room is carpeted and it is very difficult to clean it! I am considering removing it, but I have been putting some carpet protection spray lately after cleaning it

  4. We have a small carpet at home, in the living room. It is just small but we always have a hard time cleaning it, hehe. But my husband bought a vacuum cleaner so hopefully cleaning will be a lot easier this time. I am planning to purchase a new one soon.

  5. Cleaning carpet is one of hard task at home. This is the reason why we still opted not to have a large one.


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