Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Real Estate Yard Signs

Whenever I travel on main roads and highways, I always see some ads from real estate developers announcing an open house for their newly built town houses or newly opened subdivision.  I would admit, I always end up stopping to read the announcement or I would grab my phone to jot down the contact numbers posted on the ads as well as the location and the name of the developer.  Maybe one of the reasons is that, I always dream of investing in real estate.  Although I'm already halfway on my dream as I have already accomplished something in building my assets, I am still interested to have another one if opportunity arises and my resources would allow me.  But I think apart from my great interest in real estate, I'm also attracted with the colorful yard signs.  

A truly professional real estate agent makes use of the effectiveness of yard signs in marketing their business. This is so because yard signs are great lead generators. It always succeed in creating a buzz about houses on sale or even those properties for lease.  Being the cheapest form of advertising, Yard Signs had taken it's toil for being the best business marketing tool.  Mostly small businesses are the ones benefiting from this kind of advertising due to it's huge scope of publicity.  You can even design a yard sign of your own and see results in an instant.  I remembered making some for our property that we would like to lease.  We have posted these signs on every corner streets in our subdivision and on the main road near to the property that we want to lease.  We made the signs very simple and colorful with just few texts.  What we are offering, the price, contact numbers and location of the property.  We got a number of responses just the day after the yard signs were in place.  I was amazed at how effective this simple form of advertising is.

Now that the internet has already been widely used for social networking and advertising, businesses may now ignore the effectiveness of using yard signs as a marketing tool.  But personally, I think that yard signs are still the best bet for marketing a business.  This is the reason why until now, it is still widely used even by larger companies.   Why not? Putting up yard signs won't let you lose anything as this doesn't incur much expenses and the result is quite fulfilling...reaching out to the people happily and comfortably.

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