Friday, January 25, 2013

Studio Wall Shelf

Photo credit:  potterybarn

Just found this cool studio wall shelf from potterybarn and I just love it's simplicity and elegance.  Both colors look stunning but I would prefer the black one as it complements the color motif in my living room.  I love the idea that it's movable and handy, too.  You could rearrange it the way you wanted it as it can easily be dragged anywhere in the house.  Should I mention that it saves a lot of space, too?

You can get one from potterybarn for a price of $383 but not sure though if this is allowed for international shipping.  Anyway, you can fabricate one on your own and the best thing is that, you can apply your own color, too. :) 


  1. just came to hop by and look for more terrific ideas. lamo sis, naiinlove ako sa mga home furnitures at designs. i cant wait to live back in Manila para maayos ko na ulit ng bongga ang house. dito kasi sa dorm parang nawalan nako ng gana. kasi 2 buwan na lang alis na ulit.

    one of my dreams is to really have our own home. Yung masasabing amin na talaga. medyo mahirap magplano as my parents don't have one too. nalilito ako kung ano ang uunahin, ang hirap pala ng may nakasandal pa sayo noh kahit my asawa na? im not complaining but I'm praying that I can help my family to the best I can. hay. emote lang dito. pasensya ka na sis. May the Lord bless me with great opportunities so I can bless my family too.

  2. I understand Ning! It's really everybody's dream naman to have a house of their own especially us, women. Ang sarap kayang magdecorate ng sarili mong house. I'm enjoying every bit of it. Don't worry, your dream home will come to you in God's time. Just keep on praying and working hard for it. Why don't u try on a condo unit first? If everything gets stable, then you can move to owning a house and lot.

  3. Wow this shelf is nice. Parang it can save a little space pa. Love it, pwede din pacustomize ng ganito :)

    Mommy Maye

  4. Sis, this is just perfect for small spaces. It gives more room for storage. I hope I could also have my own house so that I can freely decorate it, not worrying that I have to take down things if I move hehehe. But at least this one is movable. This will do for my small pad. :-)

  5. cool shelf! i like the black one


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