Monday, January 21, 2013

Yoga At Home?

Goals....goals....goals.  Starting of 2013, I have made a commitment to myself  to pay particular attention to my health and I think it should be a high time for me to pick up an exercise regimen that would keep me in shape and stress free.  I have long been thinking of  learning yoga but only that I couldn't find the time.  Enrolling in a fitness class or going to a gym is not a feasible idea either.  I'm tied up with work and I'm staying now in a suburb so those yoga classes are not even offered here.

What if I just learn yoga at home? Would it be a sound idea?  I'm thinking of just doing some research or download  some video tutorials that I follow at home and perhaps, it would also be a good idea to order some printed yoga mats to keep me motivated.  I've heard yoga classes will teach you right posture, right breathing, right diet, right relaxation, as well as positive thinking and meditation.  Now, I'm on a look out for some online resources for yoga courses as I am bit convince to take up a yoga class soon.  I hope that this could be beneficial for me health wise and I'm really keen on doing this.

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