Monday, February 25, 2013

A New Look For My Son's Room

We have just recently repainted my son's room.  It was his personal choice to change the color motif of his room  to green and blue combination.  He and his Dad agreed to give his room an instant "make over".  After  repainting the whole room, they rearrange all my son's personal stuff from the study table, to his clothes inside the cabinet, to his drawers and shelves and even his bed.  His school stuff were neatly arranged, too.

I am pleased with the result! I find his room now very organized. :)  Here, have a look....

 His clothes cabinet and entertainment corner combined

His bed and study table

His collection of caps on display

I'm glad that I was able to pass to my son my passion for home decorating and organization.  We love to fix our humble home and keep everything in shape.

What do you think of his room's new look?


  1. Blue and green are my favorite colors....although I would probably do mine in toned down shades of these. :-)

  2. bright colors! neon! i like how your son organizes his stuff. korek ka sis, nagmana sya sayo. i'm launching a new blog about home din. yey! excited ako. nainspire ako sa blog mong to eh. medyo tagal ko na din pinag-isipan. im still improving it, bibilhan ko pa ng domain. for now, you can go look at

  3. Thanks for the visit Sisses! I love to give my son a freedom to fix and decorate his room. Aside from giving him some sense of responsibility, it's also a good way to let him bring out his creativity and of course, that's his room so I want him to decide. :)


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