Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Business Innovations

Being in a corporate world for many years, I have witnessed the business evolving from the simplest to the most complicated.  The advancement in the technology had paved the way for more business opportunities which is not only limited to the physical world.  In fact, many businesses sprung from the world wide web.  However, this advancement in the technology had given a lot of opportunities not only to the big names in business but it has also paved the way for many starting entrepreneurs.  It amazes me how technology could allow businesses to use internet as a n effective tool in reaching their market.  Many businesses had started to put up their own websites to increase their media presence.  Computer technology had also enabled them to use some software to measure the company's standing and progress such as the best dashboard scorecard.  Now, managing a business had been a lot easier with the aid of computer technology and many available resources online.

I could see the world soaring into great heights in the years to come.  The young generation has been very lucky to see these innovations.

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