Sunday, February 10, 2013

Five Tips On Choosing The Right Air Conditioner

As most homes requires an air conditioning unit especially during summer months when the heat is at it's peak, it would be nice if we could get some pointers which will guide us in choosing the right air conditioner for our homes.

I have listed below 5 simple tips which will help us decide what type of air conditioning unit shall we buy:

  1. As there are various types of air conditioning unit, it would be nice if we could check first the requirements of the room where we are going to install the unit. The size of the air conditioner matters as this could ensure that we would be able to get the right cooling effect that we wanted for our homes. So we have to decide whether we are going for the split system or wall unit or stand alone system.
  2. Invest on a good brand.  If you go out and search in any appliance centers, you would soon discover the many brands available for an air conditioning unit.  All promise good results and efficient performance.  But, do not be fooled by the "sales talk" of the people in the store.  Each of them represents a brand and would probably lured you to getting one from their company.  Be prepared and do a research before you go to any store.  Choose the brand that has a proven track record.  Read product reviews and research on the unit's outstanding features.
  3. Have the unit installed by the experts.  Choosing a company which specializes in air conditioning installation would  save you a great deal of time and effort. Make sure that you will only contact a certified technician who could do the job perfectly for you like Weather World.  Remember, getting the cheapest available offer might not be the best one for you.  Be selective. 
  4. Choose a brand that offers the best warranty.  Some brand offers a limited warranty period while others offer a more extensive ones.  Products that are manufactured with confidence will vouch for it's quality and durability. Again, choose the reliable ones.
  5. Check for energy efficiency.  I'm sure you will all agree that as home makers, we would definitely go for the ones that could help us save from our electrical costs.  Choosing the right air conditioner which is easy to control, comes with zoning options, equipped with timers and requires low maintenance will do a lot of wonders.
Choosing the right air conditioner is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly.  But following those tips  mentioned above will help you come up with a right decision and get the best results.  After all, we always want to get the best ones for our homes but we should also get the value for every money spent.


  1. We're considering getting one installed in our room but I don't really want the monthly electric bill to go up. hehe :)

  2. Good tips, thanks for sharing! :D Energy efficiency is now a major considering when getting an AC actually.

  3. Actually, I dont have AC in my flat. But in the future when I get one, surely consider the tips! Thanks!

  4. These some things that we really should consider and specially the the number 5, the energy efficiency. We need to save energy so this should be take into consideration.

  5. I agree with these tips - especially number 1. I had the mistake of buying 1 HP for a very big room with a number of electronic appliances. I ended up having a not so efficient cooling system. Sayang lang.

  6. Thanks for the tips! With the variety of different air conditioning units out there it is important to 1.) Really know how big the space is you need it for 2.) The specifications of the unit itself. Nothing would be worse then to spend a ton of money on a unit that won't cool your room!


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