Thursday, February 21, 2013

Liven Up Your Room With Green


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Shades of green has always been my favorite color for the house.  In fact until now, we have successfully maintained green to be the dominant color for our outdoor paint.  Over the years we've been changing the shades from dark green to olive green to apple green but green has always been the base color.  Well, aside from the fact that green symbolizes money and therefore would symbolize prosperity, I find it very cool and relaxing to the eyes.

My friends used to tell me that I really love green color as they can always see shades of green whenever they visit the house, not to mention that our house yard is surrounded by plants, but I always get compliments from them.  They would tell me how neat and organized I am in the house and of course, that I considered an achievement.  Not everybody who's actively working and busy with their profession can maintain both worlds with much ease and I am happy to say that I am one of the successful ones.  In fact, I am loving home decorating so much that it has been more of a passion rather than a task.

I would be showing more of colors in my next posts as I really love everything that's bold and bright.

How about you? What color palette do you prefer for your homes?

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