Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Trip Back Home

I have already booked my flight early next month and I will take a different route this time.  It's going to be my first time arriving at Clark Airport and I am worrying that I wouldn't be able to catch a taxi to the bus station.  I would be arriving past 11 PM and chances are I won't be able to catch a ride back home.  I told my son to ask his Dad and little sister to pick me up at the airport just to be sure.  But since, I sold my car nearly 4 years ago, we just normally rent a van for our private tours.

I am still thinking if I still need to purchase another car after I have sold the first one.  The reason why I sold it was due to the fact that no one will actually use it at home as me and hubs are both working overseas.  I don't want the car to just get stuck up at the garage so I just decided to sell it.  Whether I will be buying another one in case I finally decide to stay at home for good is still something that I have to think about.  If ever I wanted to get a Toyota this time.  A friend of mine advised me to get a Toyota as the spare parts are more easy to find as toyota oem accessories are available everywhere and it wouldn't cost much same like other car spare parts of different brands.

Well, that's another thing that I have to think of but for now, I still want to settle my priorities and hopefully I could have another car before I finally decide to stay at home and stop working abroad.   

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  1. I think Toyota car is the best and it is more economical here in the Philippines. There is a lot of service center that you could find near you. Welcome back home and enjoy your stay!


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