Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pursuing Yoga

I've started doing some researches about yoga as I am very much interested to do it as part of my health goals for this year.  Since, I am new to this yoga thing, I need to do some background reading and watch training videos online.  I have personally chosen this form of fitness exercise since I can do it conveniently at home, in the comfort of my own room.  I guess, i just need to purchase some yoga accessories online and I am set to do my own yoga sessions soon.  First, I wanted to have a yoga mat as a basic requirement, then I can move to doing some basic yoga positions.  As I progress, I am planning to advance to some muscle strenghtening exercises. For this, I may be required to purchase some yoga accessories.   

I also had a friend who is into yoga before and she's doing it with a group of health enthusiasts.  She told me that it was fun doing it especially when you do it in a group.  But I can't afford to go into group sessions now because of my constraint at work.  Anyway, I hope that I would be ale to get my desired results by choosing this light form of exercise.

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  1. Go for it sis! I also wanted to try yoga but I just can't seem to get it started eh. Laging tamad mode :(


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