Thursday, March 28, 2013

Modern House Design

I just fell in love with this modern house design that I saw yesterday during our outing in one of the resorts that we have visited nearby.  It is modern, simple but oozing with class.  Materials used were not that extra ordinary but the architect of this house was able to create a unique and modern design that is so classy and well defined.  Surrounding the house is a beautifully landscaped garden.  I couldn't help but to capture some photos as a reference in our future projects at home. :)  

Watching Concerts And Live Bands

Hubby is thinking of watching a concert this weekend but my son told him that it would be exhausting to be  with a big crowd as this is not a dinner concert but a concert which will be held in a huge area and we may not be able to see the full performance of the concert artists as well.  We may still be able to hear the songs though, as for sure that they will be using large speakers for the sound system as well as mf drum machine, but personally I do not want to attend such kind of concerts.  If I would have a choice, I would rather go for those intimate dinner concerts where I can comfortably sit and relax watching my favorite artists rendering their songs while I'm enjoying a sumptuous dinner with my family.  It would be a lot better, right?

Since we do not buy hubby's idea, we have suggested him though to perhaps just see a movie and have a dinner afterwards in our chosen restaurant.  I think that would be a lot better for a weekend get together.

Deep Well

Long time ago, deep well has been the primary source of water supply in our homes but in the modern times, deep well is often used as a decorative piece in our gardens.  This deep well design that I saw from one resort that we have visited added beauty to the overall set up of the garden.  There is always this psychological effect to me of being refreshed and feeling cool every time I see a water feature in gardens.  I've learned over the years that water features when combined with our landscape design added beauty and elegance in our gardens.  Ponds and fountains are the most commonly built water features in those gardens that I saw and visited.

Landscape designs and water features, when combined is an ideal way of incorporating a modern outdoor designs for your gardens and this will surely reflect the simplicity of nature, which is always the focal point in building gardens in our homes.

Plumbing Tips

The most common plumbing problem that I am encountering at home is the clogged sink drain.  I would admit, I always panic every time this happens.  The fact that this can cause delays in accomplishing our daily routine activities in the kitchen is more than enough to keep me exhausted.  Another burden that I usually encounter is finding a plumber who can immediately fix the problem.  It is for this reason that I've tried to find ways and means to address the problems by myself. After all, I am the one who will get affected, so it is but necessary to learn the plumbing basics.

I've learned that using simple tools and a little practice can help me solve the problems in few simple steps.  To start with, we have to get a plunger and a snake. These basic tools are available on most hardware shops.  But of course, we have to remember that getting away with this step would be possible, first and foremost, by getting rid of extra food particles that could clog up the drain.  But of course, if this accidentally happens, you have to clear the blockage with the plunger.  After that, we have to check on the P-trap for any blockages.  This could be done by removing the P-trap and clearing all the particles stuck into it.  We have to loosen it up gently to avoid cracks or possible breakage.  The last option then would be using the snake.  We can snake the line to see if there are any obstruction.  An empty bucket should be prepared for possible spill out of dirt out of the line.  

If this still doesn't work perfectly, then you may require the assistance of a plumbing company. However, finding a reputable plumbing company is not that easy.  Some may charge you hundreds of dollars for a very simple job and worse than that, the end result is not really that satisfactory.  It is for this reason that we have to trust only the experts with a proven track record in the business.  If possible, read reviews and forums to see what others have to say before you decide to hire their services.  

Selecting the right plumbing company will surely take those stress and worries out of your repair works and would let you get your money's worth thus for me, it always pays to trust only the experts.

Rest House

If you are planning to build a rest house this summer, this design could be a good idea.  I saw it from the resort that we have visited recently and I like it's concept of having a cottage underneath complete with sink and a BBQ grill.  Upstairs is a room with own toilet and bath.  It's a space saver and very simple. Eighty percent of materials used is concrete cement.  You can even make it look more airy and refreshing by having plenty of ornamental plants around the cottage. 

Recliner and Cabinet: Two Home Must-haves

There are various factors that you should consider when buying a recliner and cabinet and other home must-haves for your new home. When buying a recliner, you should consider not just the way it looks but also whether or not it is comfortable. A recliner is like a pair of shoes; it should fit well and feel comfortable. You should consider bringing along the members of your family who will be using the recliners when shopping. Consider whether or not your feet will be touching the floor when you sit on the recliner and whether or not the headrest of the recliner supports your neck and head right. You should also examine the way the recliner is cushioned to ensure that it does not have any bumpy parts. You should also check the density of the foam to ensure that it is of the best quality.

You should also test the footrest of the recliner in order to ensure that the seat is easy to work with. Watch out for any squeaks because the presence of squeaks could be a sign of parts that are loose. Those recliners that are made of leather last the longest but also cost the most. If you like recliners with a suede-like feeling, you may want to choose the microfiber leather that is synthetic. Remember to ask the store whether or not the fabric has been tested and found to be durable. You may want to go for the woolen fabrics as they are more durable as compared to the vinyl.

When it comes to buying cabinets, there are also a number of factors that you should consider. Remember that cabinets are divided into four groups based the way they are constructed. There are those that are ready-to-assemble, those that are custom semi-custom and stock. Determine from the onset the amount of money you intend to spend on the cabinet. The best place to compare cabinet prices is online. There are various websites that offer comparative prices for cabinets and you can be sure to find a cabinet that is within your budget. Be sure to ask your supplier whether or not the costs of installing the cabinet are included in the quotation. Keep an open mind when shopping for this. Ensure that you get a cabinet that is well built, looks good and is not too expensive.

In conclusion, when buying recliners, cabinets and other home must-haves, you should consider your very needs. Consider the constraints you may have in your house before purchasing the recliner, cabinet or any other furniture. Consider the amount of space you have in your home, the amount of money you are willing to spend as well as any other consideration you may have. This will help you make the best decisions regarding the kind of furniture to buy. Remember to buy furniture that keeps with your style. Ensure that you purchase the type of recliners and cabinets that will complement your other pieces of furniture.

Harvey Norman Singapore stocks a stylish range of cabinets to suit your home decor. They also offer a great range of leather and fabric reclining chairs from top brands like La-Z-Boy and IMG.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Handyman Jobs

On my recent visit to the mall, I found this shop selling car accessories.  They have a good line of products which are really very useful when you are maintaining your own car.  There is something that caught my attention, should I saw this before when I was still actively driving, maybe I will be able to change my flat tire while on the road all by myself.  Actually, I hate to do man's jobs but sometimes, I think that is is also a necessity to learn some handyman's jobs especially during emergency situations.  The coats tire changer that I saw is really cool, however it is not really compact and only applicable for use on tire shops.  At first, I thought that it's handy and can be brought along and stored in the car's compartment, but it's not. Anyway, I just thought that should there be a compact tire changer, that will be great for ladies like me.  

Now, I'm thinking to learn some handyman jobs at home.  Apart from painting, I know nothing about man's jobs.  Luckily that my husband is very helpful and a kind of man who always wanted to have something to do whenever he is at home. That is a plus factor for wives like me.  I was blessed to have a hard working "man in the house".

Garden Bench


We had left over hollow blocks at the backyard and I was discussing with my son on how could we make use of those to add life into our backyard without a need to spend more.  So, after I saw this backyard design making use of hollow blocks as a garden bench, I told myself that creativity could always lead us into something very useful.  There are lots of stuff laying on our back yard like old tires, rocks, pieces of woods that can be transformed into something worthwhile, much more to decorate our precious space at homes.  This design is one good proof. :)

By the way, the design of the flooring resembles that of my pocket garden and I really love seeing those pebbles every time I walk around the garden. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Essential Purchases For a New Flat

Picture the scene: you’re hosting a dinner party to celebrate your recent move and things seem to be going rather swimmingly. Your cat has only attacked half your guests, you remembered to hang the thought-provoking paintings you bought yesterday and the drink is flowing merrily. Or it would be, if you had remembered to buy a bottle opener.

There are so many things that slip our minds when we're furnishing a new home, and many of these belong in the kitchen. One way to avoid being left high and dry is to visualise cooking your three favourite dinners and the utensils you’ll need to prepare them – pots, pans, baking trays, sieve, chopping board, spatula, grater, knives, mixing bowl, vegetable peeler and vegetable steamers. The length of your shopping list will depend on your culinary prowess.

Aside from the kitchen, it's also worth giving some thought to the colour scheme of each room, as this will determine many future choices when it comes to buying accent pieces. Whereas most of us will try to keep in mind a definite colour scheme, some will also attempt to create a theme, such as bohemian or minimal. It does require a lot more effort, but the end result is usually striking.

Once you’ve got an idea of what you want your flat to look like, you’ll of course need the basic furnishings (bed, wardrobe, dining table, chairs and sofa) if you haven’t got them already. Then come the homely touches that personalise your flat, such as bed linen, curtains, cushions and rugs. Ensure you take measurements of your rooms with you when you go shopping – curtains especially need to fit your windows exactly.     

With well-placed lighting, the tone and size of a room can be easily manipulated. To make a room appear larger you can direct uplighters onto a pale ceiling, or simply ensure each corner is adequately lit. Alternatively, to bring a cosy feel to an imposingly large room, opt for table lamps or low-hanging lighting that creates intimate pools of light.  

There are numerous finishing touches to consider, such as candles, plants and ornaments. Storage is also hugely important: the addition of a few hooks and racks can swiftly tidy up your belongings and make your flat seem more spacious.

When furnishing your flat, there's no better shopping companion than a Nectar Credit Card from American Express (Representative 19.9% APR variable), enabling you to collect Nectar points for every £1 you spend. Alternatively, receive cashback on your purchases to make your money go further, with the American Express Platinum Cashback Card. Representative 18.7% APR variable.

Charcoal Grill

After the compact vacuum cleaner that I've purchased few days ago, I had two other purchases for the kitchen and one is this charcoal grill that I've been eyeing at SM home center.  I thought of purchasing one since we love to hold BBQ partied at home and we don't really have a decent charcoal grill at the moment.  On top of that, this charcoal grill is already a good buy for Php1,549.  It comes with two front wheels making it so convenient to move around the dirty kitchen or around the backyard.  I sourced for one at Freeport Exchange Duty Free Mall but I just saw exactly the same design of charcoal grill but with a more expensive tag price.  I was a bit shock to see that it was priced at 3,999 at the Duty Free store.  Could it be the brand?

Anyway, I haven't tried this yet.  We will be able to try it for tomorrow's BBQ party at home and we'll see how useful it is.  But the price is not bad right?  I will keep you posted for the review of this product. :)

Top 6 Causes of Property Damage in the UK

1. Fire

Fire is one of the major reasons for property damage and household deaths in the UK. Unfortunately one of the main reasons for fire in the house is accidents while being under the influence of drink, drugs or lethargy. Simply by being alert when cooking, using flames or smoking in the home, a significant number of these accidents could be easily avoided.
2. Severe Weather

Storms and adverse weather can cause significant damage to properties across the UK. Over recent years, the change in climate and the diverse nature of weather that has been experienced has highlighted significant gaps in the type of insurance protection that is supplied by most companies. Check your policy and make sure you have the protection in place should the worst happen to you.
3. Crime
Sadly, crime in the UK is still a major cause of property damage throughout the country. However, there are measures that can be taken to reduce the chance of this happening to you.
Check that your property is secure. Make sure that you close and lock all windows and doors when leaving your home and that there are no obvious signs that the property is empty. Ensure there are no unlit areas of access to your home which could attract a potential intruder. Also consider investing in a burglar alarm for added protection.
4. Water Damage

It is estimated that almost 25% of all insurance claims in the UK are a result of water damage. This can be a result of flooding, drains blocking or any type of plumbing issues from ageing pipes, which can split and leak, through to the most up to date push-fit fittings which can also cause significant damage.

Water is particularly costly to the UK as the damage that is created is considerable. Furthermore, if flood damage is not treated properly or not left to dry before being restored, it can result in long term issues within the home such as mould and damp that can become very expensive.
5. Trees
Though most trees that are growing beside accommodation cause no issue, a small proportion can be the cause of significant harm to the home. This can either be caused by the roots of the trees causing subsidence or parts of tree falling on the property and causing damage.
It is the case that many old trees are protected and therefore cannot be cut down to remove the potential threat near property. However it is possible to seek guidance from your local council or the Royal Horticultural Society to understand the steps that can be taken.
6. Wildlife and Pests

As cute as they can be as pets, the creatures that live in the trees and local wildlife surrounding our properties can be a key problem for many home owners.
Those that live in rural areas can experience significant problems with rodents and pests within the home. They can chew through wires, pipes other parts of the property which can lead to potentially lethal events while their droppings can cause illness and disease.

Your local department of the Pest Control Association should be able to help you with the more common causes of damage to your home by wildlife and many can eradicate the problem in a safe and humane manner.

About the author
Guest Post written by professional disaster restoration company Allkare UK. They have been providing expert services and advice on fire, flood and storm repairs for over 12 years.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Turbo Powered Hand Vacuum Cleaner

I just had my new purchase for the house yesterday from ACE hardware.  I had been long planning to purchase a vacuum cleaner for the house as I find that this is really a necessity in the house now especially so that it's summer time again, and as expected, there will be a lot of dust build up inside the house particularly in the door and  window screens.  I was looking for a good vacuum cleaner at SM Appliance Store but unfortunately, they don't have what I need and one sales personnel advised me to visit the nearby ACE hardware.  I'm glad I did, as I'm able to find this very versatile turbo powered hand vacuum cleaner.  The sales rep had done a demo for us for this product and I was very pleased to know that it will be a very useful companion in the house for it's number of uses.  The set includes different sizes of nozzles and brushes each for specific purpose.  It can be used to clean the appliances including computer keyboards, windows screens, sofa, floor, carpets, ceiling, chandeliers and it also has a brush intended for pet grooming.  It can also be used as a blower to dry up your pets after bathing and also a nozzle that can be used to inflate balloons.  Cool huh?

This product only costs me 3K all in all including a replacement filter and a plug.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Choosing The Right Employees

Our company had a business expansion and they had started with the hiring process few months ago.  As expected, a lot of application papers were received from numerous applicants for various positions and the Recruitment Department was having a hard time choosing the best candidates for the positions.  Screening the applicants is not easy, especially if you need to go through their backgrounds thoroughly.  Some reputable companies are going through a rigid employment background checks to make sure that they will only be hiring the best employees for their companies.  Why not?  The future of the company depends on the reliable work force and it's just a smart move to check on their backgrounds to make sure that only the best among the best applicants are being hired for the available positions. Experience, educational attainment and personality are not only the basic requirements in hiring employees.  It is also vital that companies are getting only those with clean backgrounds and were not involved in any frauds from their previous employments.  An ideal work force is the company's future and I very much agree with the company's move to make sure that they are getting the right people for the job.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Using Adjustable Beds

I used to have a varied sleeping pattern and this I attribute to the kind of work that I have. I work on shifts and it is more likely that I would be having a difficulty getting a good sleep every time I moved on to another shift as my body needs to get used to the new sleeping schedule. I need to help myself as I do not want my health to get affected, and so I supplement by eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.  I used to take some vitamins, too.  But still nothing can beat the comfort of having a good, sound and comfortable sleep.  How then can we achieve this?  First of all, I make sure that my bedroom is conducive to resting and sleeping. I make sure that the air conditioning unit is set to a right temperature. I cannot sleep when it's totally dark, but I just try to minimize the lighting to make it a bit of relaxing.  I make sure that my bed is tidy with all the bedding and linens fresh and clean.  

But because I previously suffered from back pains, I also think that I need to have a comfortable bed.  One that can be adjusted and can address my sleeping issues. I never knew that cheap adjustable beds can be purchased online. But what are the benefits that we could get by using adjustable beds?  

Back pain is one of the worst ailments, I would say.  It does not only caused you a disturbance at work but it also makes you suffer enduring the severe pains. When having this ailment, we have to be concerned about our posture and avoid lifting heavy objects as this may trigger the pains.  But it can also do a lot of wonders if you could invest in a good adjustable bed.  I noticed that with long hours of sleeping, I would normally wake up with bed sores and back aches, but this issue could be addressed using an adjustable bed. With this kind of bed, it is possible to alter your sleeping position that way you wanted it, as this bed can be reclined or inclined.  When we sleep in adjustable beds, we can sleep in a position that matches the contours of our body.  Also, by having some incline, you can release some pressures from your back.  As the head area is also adjustable, you do not need to pile up some pillows to get a comfortable head position. Not only that, coming home with tired legs from whole day walking or shopping can help you relax those muscles by elevating your legs with the aid of the adjustable bed.

With the many health benefits using adjustable beds, one doesn't need to suffer from all those inconveniences while sleeping.  Getting a good night sleep is a must.  It doesn't only give us a relaxed mood the moment we get up from bed but it also helps us get that much needed rest to face the challenges of a new day.  

Dirty Kitchen

We just had the flooring of our dirty kitchen changed into tiles.  Since the color of the tiles is peach, we need to have the walls repainted as well to complement the colors.  As you can notice, it's a little bit bare at the moment.  The reason? We get rid of all the clutter and old furniture pieces there.  Now it a bit spacious. But I told my son once that I wanted to have a spice rack in this area but I don't know where to position it yet.  

Anyway, kudos to my husband and my son for working out on something to improve our dirty kitchen which used to be a bit disorganized before.  I love the color of the tiles they choose anyway. :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

In Search For A Vacation House?

A lot of people had been dreaming of getting a vacation house.  Who doesn't want to have one?  It's such a relief knowing that you have your own comfortable space during your retirement years.  If I have a choice, I would like to have a vacation house by the beach.  Something like Ocean Isle beach nc real estate.  I Imagine myself having a look at the breath taking view of the beaches while waiting to capture the sunset or satisfy myself listening to a concert by the beach.  Does it sound exciting?  I also welcome the idea of walking by the sea shore early in the morning, having my breakfast while welcoming the sunrise.  That would be perfect, isn't it?  But that's just a dream for now, but.... who knows?

Patterned Stairs


I remembered my home garden after seeing this patterned stairs.  My home garden is also colorful but not as colorful as this.  Some don't like the idea of putting so much colors in a space.  But I do! I love anything that's bold and bright.  It gives me a joyful feeling.  Maybe, it reminds me of my youth. :)

But this patterned stairs really looks exciting. It's catchy, isn't it?  It was able to give life to a dull space.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gifts For Boys

What do you think would be a great gift for boys? I think it is harder to find one for boys than for girls.  In my case I have both son and daughter and  I would admit that finding a gift for my son is more time consuming than finding a  gift for my girl. For girls, there are lots of things to choose from and I remember how I always get fascinated with those cute Hello Kitty products.  What about for boys? The choice is limited.  If your son  is into music, you may opt to get a guitar or perhaps you can search for dw drums for sale online or at your favorite music stores.  A bike or a sports equipment would also be nice.

Now that commencement exercises and graduations are just around the corner, most Moms are now looking for the best gift option that they could give their kids. Anyway, that is not much of a difficulty now a days as you could always get a gift suggestion from reputable stores online.  As Moms, it's always a pleasure to buy little something for our children most especially if that gift is for a reward for your kid's achievement in school.

As of now, I'm still thinking about what can I give my son.  Any suggestion? 

Pretty In Pink!


Want a more spacious working table or study table? Then this pink table with open bench in bright pink color could be a good pick!  I love the coordinating floor lamp in the same shade of pink. Lovely! This could be great if you have 2 or more girls at home.

I bet you would agree that studying in group is still the best option.  Besides, as a Mom, you wouldn't get tired of delivering their snacks during study time in each girl's room. :)  Also, having this study table positioned beside the windows would save you from utility bills as you can get natural light during day time.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Are You Ready To Buy Your New Home?

Buying a new home has always been a priority for every family.  Having our own homes can give us a feeling of comfort and security.  Nothing can beat the happiness of going back to a place which you can call your own.  Aside from that, there is always an element of excitement every time we initiate improvements to our own homes.  Investing in your own house must be done at an early age when you are still physically active and working.  If we start early, then we can achieve our goal in a more desirable time frame.  But since the cost of living is getting higher each year, purchasing a new home on a cash basis is nearly impossible to achieve.  For those who cannot afford to purchase a house in full payment, there are lots of other options available, we can choose to participate in government funded institutions which offer various home buying programs with easy payment terms.  Another option includes going to reputable home builders.  There are lots of home builders who could assist us and give us some options from their readily available resources.  Some even offer no deposit home loans.  However, before you finally decide to get one, be sure that you are ready and prepared to take that new challenge.  The following are some of the steps that you have to do before you come up with that important decision:

Make sure that you are armed with the knowledge you need.  If you decide to pay in installment, then first thing, you must know what are the requirements.  Only then you can determine if you are ready to take on that responsibility.     

Get yourself familiar with the mortgage industry. The key to this is to do a lot of research.  if you need to consult previous buyers and learn from their experiences, then by all means, do it!

Get some expert advise.  It won't hurt to spend some valuable time consulting an expert.  Some home builders and developers even offer one to one consultation with their in house advisers.  

Know what you want and be specific, this way you will be able to discuss to the house builder what you really need in a home and your projected budget.  They will be in a better position to assess your standing as well as the kind of the house that you have to build that suits your budget and life style.

Choose a house design and location that you will feel comfortable with.  Remember, that house will be your permanent place and you have to make sure that you won't regret your purchase.
Getting our dream home will definitely bring us happiness and fulfillment, but in order to convert that dream into a reality, we have to do a lot of hard work and preparations.  Choosing a right home builder should be on top of your list, someone who could take the lead and assist you every step of the way.  Only then you can be assured that you are now ready to buy your new dream home.

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