Friday, March 22, 2013

Charcoal Grill

After the compact vacuum cleaner that I've purchased few days ago, I had two other purchases for the kitchen and one is this charcoal grill that I've been eyeing at SM home center.  I thought of purchasing one since we love to hold BBQ partied at home and we don't really have a decent charcoal grill at the moment.  On top of that, this charcoal grill is already a good buy for Php1,549.  It comes with two front wheels making it so convenient to move around the dirty kitchen or around the backyard.  I sourced for one at Freeport Exchange Duty Free Mall but I just saw exactly the same design of charcoal grill but with a more expensive tag price.  I was a bit shock to see that it was priced at 3,999 at the Duty Free store.  Could it be the brand?

Anyway, I haven't tried this yet.  We will be able to try it for tomorrow's BBQ party at home and we'll see how useful it is.  But the price is not bad right?  I will keep you posted for the review of this product. :)

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