Sunday, March 24, 2013

Handyman Jobs

On my recent visit to the mall, I found this shop selling car accessories.  They have a good line of products which are really very useful when you are maintaining your own car.  There is something that caught my attention, should I saw this before when I was still actively driving, maybe I will be able to change my flat tire while on the road all by myself.  Actually, I hate to do man's jobs but sometimes, I think that is is also a necessity to learn some handyman's jobs especially during emergency situations.  The coats tire changer that I saw is really cool, however it is not really compact and only applicable for use on tire shops.  At first, I thought that it's handy and can be brought along and stored in the car's compartment, but it's not. Anyway, I just thought that should there be a compact tire changer, that will be great for ladies like me.  

Now, I'm thinking to learn some handyman jobs at home.  Apart from painting, I know nothing about man's jobs.  Luckily that my husband is very helpful and a kind of man who always wanted to have something to do whenever he is at home. That is a plus factor for wives like me.  I was blessed to have a hard working "man in the house".

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