Friday, March 15, 2013

Turbo Powered Hand Vacuum Cleaner

I just had my new purchase for the house yesterday from ACE hardware.  I had been long planning to purchase a vacuum cleaner for the house as I find that this is really a necessity in the house now especially so that it's summer time again, and as expected, there will be a lot of dust build up inside the house particularly in the door and  window screens.  I was looking for a good vacuum cleaner at SM Appliance Store but unfortunately, they don't have what I need and one sales personnel advised me to visit the nearby ACE hardware.  I'm glad I did, as I'm able to find this very versatile turbo powered hand vacuum cleaner.  The sales rep had done a demo for us for this product and I was very pleased to know that it will be a very useful companion in the house for it's number of uses.  The set includes different sizes of nozzles and brushes each for specific purpose.  It can be used to clean the appliances including computer keyboards, windows screens, sofa, floor, carpets, ceiling, chandeliers and it also has a brush intended for pet grooming.  It can also be used as a blower to dry up your pets after bathing and also a nozzle that can be used to inflate balloons.  Cool huh?

This product only costs me 3K all in all including a replacement filter and a plug.



  1. hi.. kamusta po ung vacuum from ace? im thinking of getting one for the house and car.. ist advisable po ba? thanks..

  2. Yes Sure Harold, it is nice and handy. It's very useful in a way that is versatile, can be used for both homes and car. I used it for cleaning windows especially the hard to reach part. You can use it anywhere and everywhere around the house and despite the size, it's powerful. A good buy!


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