Thursday, March 28, 2013

Watching Concerts And Live Bands

Hubby is thinking of watching a concert this weekend but my son told him that it would be exhausting to be  with a big crowd as this is not a dinner concert but a concert which will be held in a huge area and we may not be able to see the full performance of the concert artists as well.  We may still be able to hear the songs though, as for sure that they will be using large speakers for the sound system as well as mf drum machine, but personally I do not want to attend such kind of concerts.  If I would have a choice, I would rather go for those intimate dinner concerts where I can comfortably sit and relax watching my favorite artists rendering their songs while I'm enjoying a sumptuous dinner with my family.  It would be a lot better, right?

Since we do not buy hubby's idea, we have suggested him though to perhaps just see a movie and have a dinner afterwards in our chosen restaurant.  I think that would be a lot better for a weekend get together.

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