Sunday, April 28, 2013

Make Your Plants Happy - Tips for Making Your Own Plant Food

More and more people are turning to growing their own    food, whether it’s in a window box, garden planters or giving up half of their garden to the production of fruit and vegetables.  It could be for any number of reasons like to save money on their grocery bills, or simply to know where their food comes from.  But no matter what they choose to grow, all plants require feeding occasionally, even your run of the mill house plants.  Rather than spending money on what can not only be expensive but also harmful commercial plant foods there are a number of organic and natural plant foods that you can make yourself using only basic ingredients.

Coffee and Tea

Not only does a nice brew in the morning pick you up and set you up for the day it can also do the same for your plants.  For example, if you want your seeds to sprout faster than usual you should soak them for a couple of hours in some lukewarm tea, especially sunflower seeds or other large seed varieties.  Sometimes seedlings just seem to give up and die, this is actually due to a fungus and is known as dampening disease.  Dampening disease can be successfully treated using chamomile tea.  Simply add one chamomile teabag to four cups quantity of boiling water, steep the tea bag in the water for at least twenty four hours, transfer the liquid into a spray bottle and spray over your seedlings every time that you water them, once they get their second leaf set you can stop.

Don’t pour left over tea and coffee down the drain, let it cool and use it on your plants both those indoors and those in the garden; once a fortnight should be enough for you to see an improvement.  If you have a container garden take a few used tea bags and mix them in with the soil in your pots.  The tea bags will actually store up water and add essential nutrients to the plants, this works really well with roses.  Carrots love coffee - mix up your seeds with some coffee grounds before you sow them and you will be boosting them with extra nutrients right from the start.

Other Sources of Plant Food
  • Epsom Salts:  Perfect for tomato and pepper plants, the Epsom salts give the plants the magnesium that they need.  Place some in the pot as you plant out your seedlings and water with a mixture of 1 tablespoon of salts to four litres of water once every week.
  • Milk Powder (Non Fat): Vegetable plants need calcium in order to reach their full potential and the milk will also double as a fungicide.  Try watering your vegetable plants with two tablespoons of the powdered milk diluted into four litres of water at least once a week.  You could also use fresh skimmed milk in the mixture of none parts water to one part milk.
  • Eggshells: Rinse off your eggshells and sprinkle them around where you have your leafy green vegetables planted; it will stop slugs and snails coming up and making a meal of your greens.  Eggshells also add calcium to the earth.  Once every two weeks add crushed eggshells to the water that you water your plants with.
  • Banana Peel: Rather than an instant hit, the banana peels act like a slow release plant food - they deliver potassium and other nutrients to the plants.  Chop up the discarded peels and bury them around your rose bushes.  You can also add some banana peels to the bottom of your holes when you are planting out your seedlings to give them a great start.

As a home and garden blogger Eric has come across many different plant food recipes that are created without the use of powder filling from Neatcrown.  However Neatcrown do provide some excellent ready to use pesticide and insecticide options.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Relaxing Nook

How would you like yo have this cottage in your house this summer?  This is a great place for you to have that afternoon nap or just simply take a quick rest after a long tiring day.  If you have a space in your porch or yard, I guess this would be a perfect addition to that space!  You can relax and feel the cool air and if you place it near your garden, that would also be a way of bringing you closer to nature. :)

Best of all, you could save on electric bills as you do not have to ON your AC in the house to beat the heat.

Great for summer!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Home Projects

My home leave is finally over! I had a great time at home.  Although I had to attend to a lot of activities in time for the kids graduation and do some errands at home, we still manage to declutter and organize our home sweet home.  Hubby was able to retouch the exterior paint of our house.  As you are all very well aware of, rainy season in the Philippines is quite longer now than usual and constant raining can deteriorate the overall appearance of the house.  If not properly maintained, our house will not look as pleasant as what it is now, so we make sure that we repaint regularly at least once every two years.  The house roofing was also repainted and we manage to clean, repaint and arrange our vacant lot situated next to our house.  
We had built additional shelves for our shoe cabinet as well as create more storage spaces on our kitchen cabinets.  We didn't spend much on this project as we just have recycled some materials available at home.  We just have to pay for the labor fees of the carpenter that we hired to do the project for us.  Our dirty kitchen got a make over, too.  We change the color motif and installed outdoor tiles on the flooring to complement the color of the walls. It's now looking clean, organized and airy and we just loved the "new look". 

I've also noticed that our washing machine is too old and ready to retire.  It doesn't serve it's purpose well anymore, so I've decided to purchase a new one together with a new "cooler" for our dining area.

It's good to know that we can introduce some improvements to the house once in a while.  We used to do this every time we go back home for vacations.  We made sure that we have accomplished something for the house.  Believe me, it really feels nice knowing that you have spent your money worthwhile and for the comfort of your family.  It's the best consolation that we are getting from working too hard. 

We have more projects in line towards the end of the year and we're just so excited about it.  Please stay tune!

Let's Go Recycling!


I have lots of empty soda bottles lying on our back yard and I'm thinking of ways of putting those into good use. So, upon seeing this recycling project, I just say....this is it!

Do you know that this is a self watering plant container?  Did you notice the string connected to the bottle container with soil?  This is really neat!  You may use these recycled bottles for your herb garden and it's very easy to do.  If you try to cut the empty bottles on the same size, then you can line these up at your patio or at your fence.  You may also want to apply some colors by painting the bottles.  Awesome!

Hmm...just recently, my son is complaining to me that he's getting bored at home this summer, now I have something to assign to him for a week end project.  I'm sure he would enjoy doing this with his little sis.

Let's see! :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Perfect Gift For Your Loved Ones!

If you're thinking of a gift that would surely be appreciated by any member of the family, you can't go wrong with a family jewelry.  There's everyone for the whole family.  A mother's ring with precious stone can be a perfect gift for Mother's Day. If you have a son or daughter who just graduated from high school or college, then a school ring would be a perfect choice!

I have seen some from and I was just quite fascinated with their tastefully designed rings and jewelries and you can surely find a perfect design for any special occasion. I love the fact that you can choose whatever fits your budget.  They have sterling silvers, gold, carbon fiber and ceramic rings.  You can also design your own jewelry and they will make one according to your specifications.  Prices are affordable and you can get a free shipping for purchases over $99.  They also have themed jewelry and you can never ran out of idea when looking for a perfect gift for your loved one. Really great!

This is one of the reasons why I enjoy the many perks of online shopping. :) 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Unique Staircase Design


As early as now, I am scouting for a staircase design for the proposed additional bedroom on the second floor of our garage.  I saw this modern design and it caught my attention.  This is a unique and modern design and I just love it!  Actually, I am looking for a space saver design as I don't want to occupy a large space in our garage.  However, I am thinking if this kind of design would be convenient if let's say we would like to transport some furniture upstairs.

Now, I am caught in between space saving idea and convenience.  :)

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