Monday, April 1, 2013

Unique Staircase Design


As early as now, I am scouting for a staircase design for the proposed additional bedroom on the second floor of our garage.  I saw this modern design and it caught my attention.  This is a unique and modern design and I just love it!  Actually, I am looking for a space saver design as I don't want to occupy a large space in our garage.  However, I am thinking if this kind of design would be convenient if let's say we would like to transport some furniture upstairs.

Now, I am caught in between space saving idea and convenience.  :)


  1. A grand staircase with a twist (literally hehehe). This would look great in a big house, but maybe a smaller scale would fit in your garage. You are right though about how difficult it would be carrying big furniture up or down a spiral staircase

  2. A unique staircase can be an added feature to a home. I wish I could build my own soon too :)


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