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The Harmful Effect and Effective Treatment of Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are small insects that cause a lot of problems for home-dwellers. Being very small with cryptic behavior, they are not easy to eradicate. One needs to use some bed bugs treatment to get them out of the house. However, the best way on how to get rid of bed bugs is to take help from professional exterminators.

These are the ectoparisite insects, which feed on humans and other warm-blooded mammals. They are found in houses, public buildings, offices, and other places of human dwelling. These bugs are well-known for their cryptic behavior. They can hide themselves in cracks and crevices of furniture.

 Commonly, they choose bed parts, like mattresses and box springs, as their hiding places, and that is why they are called 'bed bugs'. The wingless small insects, bed bugs, are parasitic in nature, and recognize human beings through the exhaled carbon dioxide. They come out in night when the host is asleep, and take a blood meal by small bites. Life span of these pests ranges between 12 to 18 months. Being too small, around one-fourth of an inch, to hide in furniture crevices, they are very difficult to find.

How do Bed Bugs Affect Human Beings?

They come out in night and feed on their hosts when they are asleep. They usually take 5-10 minutes to engorge the blood, and then move unnoticed (usually) to their secluded places. When they bite to feed, they inject saliva (in very small amount) into victim's skin. If they bite the person more and more times, his body becomes sensitized to saliva. It causes an allergic reaction those results in red bumps. Although it doesn't cause a serious problem, yet it affects the skin through very intense itching. Bed bugs bite during peak sleeping hours, and create a lot of disturbance and discomfort to the host. Furthermore, they spread their waste in the house, and make it dirty.

How to Treat Bed bugs?

Bed bugs are too small to hide in very narrow places, and that is why they are quite hard to eradicate. If you have noticed their presence at your home, you need to be careful and use some effective methods as early as possible. You need to launder the bedding and garments, which are prone to infestation, in the drier at high heat. The furniture items, that can't be treated by washing, should be placed outside in the sun. To get rid of bed bugs, freezing can also be a good option that can be used in winter season. Vacuuming is another popular method to destroy these tiny pests. In short, the home treatment of bed bugs requires a combination of strong pesticides, heat treatment, plastic wrapping and vacuuming.

Bedbugs have become a major problem for home dwellers, especially in America and European countries. In big cities like New York, they affect the quality of living not only in homes and apartments, but in commercial buildings and hotels as well. If you are living in New York, and suffering from these unwanted guests, there is no need to worry. A number of professional exterminators are available in the city, to help you in getting the bugs out of your house. Searching online, you would find some reputed service providers who specialize in treating the bed bugs and other pests. You can select the best among them considering your needs and budget.

PestBusters – Pest control management services company in Singapore. PestBusters was founded on the mission that the company would set the standard for the Pest Control Industry. Established in 1991, the company quickly became one of the most trusted names in the hospitality.

Would You Go For A Black Wall?

Photo credit: bhg

During my travels, I've seen a lot of earth tone colors being used on the walls of hotels, shops and restaurants that I've visited and I personally find it classy.  It is a good break from the the usual trendy colors being used at homes. Earth tone wall perfectly adds drama to a room. I think dark chocolate, dark gray or deep brown is perfect but for a black wall? Hmmm.....let me think again.

The black wall being shown on the above photo was able to give justice to the overall impact of the room.  I think the choice of colors for the wall decors and furniture plays a significant role.  Black is a depressing color but if you are able to combine it with the right colors, then this can really add personality to the room.

However, for now...I'm not ready yet to have my walls painted black.  Maybe next time, when I get a little bit more experimental and adventurous. :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Identifying And Dealing With Asbestos

Asbestos is an incredibly harmful material. It certainly tops the list for one of the worst materials used in the construction trade. When construction companies originally started using this material, they thought they had hit the jackpot. Here, they had a material that had excellent insulation properties and was a fraction of the price of most other insulating materials being used at the time. Insulating roofs and pipes was therefore, much cheaper.

The 60s
It wasn’t until the late 60s that medical professionals started to release in-depth reports relating to the huge danger that the material posed. By 1969, Governments across the globe were introducing rules and regulations to reduce the use of asbestos. By the 90s, the use of this material had basically become non-existent.

Asbestos was linked to being a catalyst to cancers such as mesothelioma. Unfortunately, this conclusion was drawn much too late and many sufferers had already died by the time regulations came into place. The cancer would develop when individuals inhaled the sharp and small fibres that are contained with the material. Every worker was at risk including plumbers, carpenters and even builders.

If you live in an old property, built before the 60s, there is a chance that asbestos is present. There is no reason to be alarmed. Generally, asbestos particles are only inhaled when the material is agitated. That being said, it is better to get rid of it sooner rather than later. Of course, to get rid of the material, you need to identify it. The most common places you will find this material are:
  • Roof insulation
  • Pipe work insulation
  • Plaster
  • Paint
  • Window glazing
It is worth noting that any of the above that was replaced after the early 90s is not likely to contain any form of asbestos.

Removing Asbestos
Asbestos removal is incredibly expensive. Even a small property could need thousands of pounds worth of work doing. Although economic times are hard, do not be tempted to complete this on a DIY basis. You may have been living in the presence of asbestos for years, but the removal process is when exposure is likely to happen. What you need to do is employ a company to complete the job. They will cover up all furniture and house hold items to ensure that the asbestos does not stick. They will have ventilated suits and deal with the removal process based on their experience.

Dealing With Health Issues
Anyone that worked as a trade’s person from before the early 90s could have been affected. If you have been exposed to asbestos, then it is likely that you are developing mesothelioma cancer. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have escaped, just because you have not been diagnosed or see no symptoms. It has been known for this form of cancer to take 50 years to develop. By the time most people are diagnosed, it is already too late and they have just a few years to live.

Whether you were self employed, or employed, if you were exposed to asbestos, then you could be eligible for mesothelioma compensation claims, which are certainly worth exploring.

Alex is an online writer that has been writing about issues in the construction industry since 2007. Many of the issues that he has covered are related to health, including the links between asbestos and mesothelioma cancer. Alongside this, he writes for a variety of sports and health related blogs.

DIY Dining Room Wall Art

Photo credit : bhg

Want to add some life in your blank wall? 

Time comes when we just simply get tired looking at a lifeless wall in any part of our house particularly the dining room.  I particularly like this idea since my own home's walls are having the same kind of color as what is being shown on the photo above.  At first, I was a bit hesitant picking bright orange but guess what?  It turned out really great and I'm loving the bright and happy color. :)

I also had a blank wall in the dining area, opposite our dining table but I have chosen to make a wall mural instead of putting some nice picture frames.  The bright orange color complements my choice of plain white tree mural with a bit of black and gold accents.  But if you want another option, I think this double wall art decor will be a great idea, too.  You can buy some shadow boxes from your local book store and some bright colored papers to be used for the background.  Then you can choose some nice pieces from your collection of plates, have these mounted inside the shadow boxes and voila!, you'll have an interesting wall art for your dining room.  This is really an easy way of putting some life on a blank wall using your creativity and some interesting stuff that's already available in your homes.

I think this one is really a cute and fun idea!

Working On Your House Renovation

Making the right renovation choices for your home can be tough. You want to have something that is cohesive with the rest of your house, while still adhering to the designs that inspire you. Not to mention the most important part, which is having a fully functional and beautiful kitchen. In most cases, many people find it easier to just hire a contractor to do the work when it comes to their Manhattan renovations. But hiring a contractor can mean hiring a decorator, and sometimes having to have a middle man to deal with deliveries as well. That is why all in one renovations have become more and more popular in recent years. An all in one renovation package includes the design choices for your kitchen, as well as the choosing and delivery of the products that you need, and finally the renovations themselves. This can be a lifesaver for those who are incredibly busy, or those who are not familiar with the different steps involved in a kitchen renovation. By choosing a single company to handle all these tasks, you can be confident that there will not be any sort of communication issues nor any surprise fees being incurred. It also gives you a single point of contact if you find that you have questions or concerns about the renovations. That way you aren't wasting time calling the designer for an issue with a contractor, or vice versa. With an all in one renovation company, you can speak with someone within the company and know that your concerns will be dealt with.

A Secret Hide Away

Photo: Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

In an effort to maximize space in the house, a lot of city dwellers had been thinking of creating more rooms out of a limited space by innovating ideas such as the one shown on the above photo.  Out of a small space, a hide away has been built.  A raised bed platform was placed on a higher level by taking advantage of a high ceiling.  This can create a private resting place for the house owner while other people in the house are doing their usual routine at home.  Surprisingly, if you look at the materials used on the design, you will find that it won't really cost you that much.

Do you see where your creative juices will bring you?  That's the interesting part of  home interior designs. :)

How To Create A Rustic Kitchen

One of the best things about moving into a new house is completely renovating it and putting your own stamp on each room. One of the most important and heavily used rooms in the house is, of course, the kitchen. A rustic kitchen is timeless and classic, and the perfect addition to almost any home. Fortunately, it’s one of the easiest kitchen looks to achieve, and doesn't need to cost the Earth.

The rustic look is all about woods. Mid-woods tend to work best in most kitchens. Lighter woods can look washed out, and darker woods such as mahogany are far too dark for what should be a bright, clean cooking space. Oak is the perfect wood for a rustic kitchen. While knots and flaws in some woods aren't always desirable, they should be embraced and incorporated into a rustic kitchen design scheme. Kitchen cupboards, tables and floors can all be wooden without the room looking like wood overload.

If you have modern door handles and cabinet handles, get them replaced with something that looks a bit older. Small touches such as this can go a long way when it comes to creating the perfect rustic kitchen. Vintage shops and second hand shops often keep a box of old door handles and doorknobs. Don’t worry if they don’t all match – rustic and shabby chic go hand in hand.

Galvanised metal can look fantastic in a rustic kitchen. Don’t use it in swathes, but used in smaller amounts it can look great. For example, sinks can benefit from looking a little beaten up. This look really isn’t about looking pristine and immaculate. Your kitchen needs to look lived in and homely for this look to work.

If you don’t want the hassle of wooden floors, try an elegant slate or tile. Make sure the tiles don’t have a polished finish, though. Matte textures work much better with this sort of design. As for the colour scheme, it shouldn't be too clinical, so an all-white room is out. Go for something natural and subtle, such as a light olive green or a warm ochre. You don’t want to overpower everything else in the room, so keep it pared down.

The finishing touches make all the difference. Fresh flowers are a staple of the rustic kitchen, but don’t worry about prissy, fussy displays. Ramshackle collections of blooms are far more charming, and should be casually thrown into vases, jugs and jars at different heights around the room. This creates a homely, friendly atmosphere, and perfectly completes a rustic kitchen.

Emma Walton is an interior designer with a firm belief that the kitchen is the most important room in any home

Functional Home Office Space

                                       Photo courtesy of

I am eyeing for this design for my home office space.  I love the idea that there's a natural light coming through the room because of the glass covered door and windows. The space is not really huge but it was able to hold enough of what is needed for home office works.  This can also double as a study area for the kids.  The minimalist theme and monotone color used for this functional space makes the overall appearance of the room simple but elegant.

I like the fact that the desk is long. It can surely keep everything in place plus there's an extra space for some cute potted plants behind the windows.  As compared to a closed room where all you can see are the four walls, this home office design allows your eyes to get a breather by having a glance of the outdoor views.  It would be perfect if you could put plenty of flowering plants outside as this can make your eyes relax once in a while.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Solar Power...An Affordable Option

Opting for solar power in your home or office is a smart decision if you are looking to save money on your electric bills. If you are currently spending $100 or more per month for electric power, you can slash that bill to as low as $12 a month. Baker Electric is the San Diego solar power company that you can trust to do the job right. Their trained professionals will ensure that you get what you need the first time. Since they are a preferred company in the San Diego area, they will be able to maintain and service your solar electric system for as long as you own it. Solar power is an affordable option for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Due to the fact that solar power is a natural power source, there is no need to use oil or other fossil fuels to power a power plant. An added benefit to using the sun as a power source is that you know it will be still be around for generations to come without interruption. Baker Electric is here for you whenever you decide to install a solar electric system in your home or office. All you need to do is call or email to schedule a consultation today.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Easy To Grow House Plants

Did I already mention before that I really love gardening? Yes, I do!  As a matter of fact, my house yard is full of  different plant varieties.  I really love it when I see my surrounding all green. :)  I've been collecting plants since I've started to acquire my first house and from then, I did not stop collecting and propagating.

Here are few samples of easy to grow house plants that I have at home.

Note:  All photos courtesy of bhg.   
I used to call this water plant, only recently did I know that this plant is also called Pothos.  This is my personal favorite as this is very easy to grow and can fit in any container.  Good for outdoors and indoors, as well.

This is called Boston Fern.  Like Pothos, this is also very easy to grow and perfectly fit as a hanging plant.  It is low maintenance and looks cute on a veranda.

Another favorite variety.  I used to call this as fortune plant but it is also known as Dracaena.  I have the same in the house, only that mine was planted outside the fence, in front of the house.  It grows tall and gives a little bit of shade.

I have lots of this in the house.  One of the easiest to grow.  You can plant it directly on the ground or you may want to put it on vases and cute pots.  Can be both an indoor and outdoor plant.

You can never go wrong with this one.  This is really cute and easy to maintain, too.  It only requires a little amount of water and a little trimming and it's perfect to be a decorative piece on top of your table.

I love these house plants, these are not only cheap but easy to grow and maintain.  I used to buy nice pots and fill all those with house plants.  I really derived great pleasure looking at my garden.  In fact, that's the first thing that's being noticed when people entered my humble home.

Do you love gardening, too?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bedding Ensemble

Even the most attractive bedroom decor can become boring after a period of time. One way to keep your master bedroom or guest room decoratively interesting is to change the bedding ensemble to coordinate with seasonal changes. The diversity of designs and colors available from Donna Sharp Quilts at provide a magnificent selection of seasonally colored quilts to choose from. Warm, earthy colors are ideal for the autumn and winter seasons. The Donna Sharp collection has some beautiful selections such as Barn Raising Pine Cone, Campfire, Woodland Square, Earth Patch and Southwest Spice that have been created using many of the colors associated with fall and winter themes and activities. You can welcome spring into your bedroom and celebrate summer with the more brightly colored quilts in the Donna Sharp collection. Beautiful lavender, spring green, and vibrant melon colors are used in designs such as Vineyard Square, Grape Patch and Sweet Melon Many Trips. Bring a little coastal flair into your bedroom with the beautiful Beach Quilt or the elegant Cape Hatteras Light House Quilt. 

Celebrate summer memories with a Cotton Candy quilt. Simply by switching your bedding according to seasonal themes and colors, you can keep the decor interesting. You can carefully store your out-of-season quilts until time to bring them out again. You might also want to consider alternating the rooms in which you use certain quilt designs. Just this simple change can invigorate your decor.

Friday, May 24, 2013

What is Your Dream Home Garden?

I get really fancied seeing beautiful gardens.  That's my weakness eh... I love plants, flowers, garden decors, water features and anything that's bold, bright and colorful. 

I had a great time visiting Dream World Bangkok as I was able to see a rose garden and lots and lots of beautifully landscaped gardens in that very huge theme park.  Believe me, I feel like don't want to leave the place.  Seeing those cute garden decors, plant art and rock formations really made me feel great.  I had a nice stroll around the theme park and appreciate the beauty of nature.  I got a good chance to get a fresh air too.

I've seen these flowering plants along the way in full bloom and it's really soothing to my eyes.  I can't help but to capture some photos. (lol)

I remembered that my love for plants and gardens started when I got my first home with it's own backyard.  I never had the chance to do gardening when I was a teen because we do not have enough space to tender a garden in my parents house. My Mom was the one who influenced my love for plants as she has a green thumb and really love to collect plants of all varieties.  I admired her for being able to propagate our plants with much ease.  I find her gardening style really effortless.  What I have now in my own garden, I owed to her.  Thanks Mom! :) 

How about you? Do you have your own garden too? Whats your idea of a dream home garden?

Effective Bed Bugs Treatment and Termite Control for Your Home

No matter how much you hate them, pests like bed bugs and termites will find a way to enter your house and cause massive destruction. For the past few years, many products claimed to stop termites and bed bugs from infesting homes have been sold in the market. However, even with the use of these products, a lot of pests still infest households causing health problems and damage to properties. Certain pest control companies have also started offering termite control and bed bug treatment services. If you are looking for a solution to your pest problems, the best way to deal with it is to ask for the help of an expert pest control company.

Dealing with termites and bed bugs

Bed bugs treatment and termite control are not only focused on eliminating the pests but also in preventing them from re-infesting your home. Companies who offer these services usually conduct a series of treatment procedures to achieve the goal. There are important things that you can do to support the treatment provided by the company and make the results more efficient. Here are some of the tips on how to stop bed bugs and termites from re-infesting your house:

1. Deal with moist parts of your house

Several types of pests such as termites and bed bugs are easily attracted to moist surfaces in the house. This is because they basically need water to survive. Termites can easily destroy moist wooden structures in your house. In order to deal with the problem, you must fix your drainages and other parts of the house that have leaks.

2. Clean your house

Cleaning is not only sanitary but it also helps prevent pests from infesting your house. All types of pets love to stay in untidy places. Even if you hire the best pest exterminator company such as PestBusters, termites, bedbugs and other types of pests can still survive in your house if you do not keep it clean and orderly. You may not be able to completely seal all breaks and cracks in your house especially those which are too tiny but if you keep your house clean, pests will be discouraged to enter.

3. Clean your yard

Termites and bed bugs come from the outside which is your yard. If you want to completely eliminate them, you must clean your yard to prevent them from forming colonies. Do not let your trash sit in your yard for long periods of time. Eliminate trash and keep your yard clean at all times to stop pests from re-infesting.

4. Check your outdoor lighting

Many pests are often attracted to light. If you keep your light switched on throughout the night, they may be attracted to enter and live in your house. You do not really have to stop using an outdoor lighting since it is beneficial in preventing burglars from entering your home. However, it is best for you to choose a light color which is not quite attractive to pests. These colors include pink and orange.

You can find other effective bed bugs and termite treatment when you hire PestBusters. To know more about the company, visit their website and read some reviews and testimonials about the company.

PestBusters – Pest control management services company in Singapore. PestBusters was founded on the mission that the company would set the standard for the Pest Control Industry. Established in 1991, the company quickly became one of the most trusted names in the hospitality.

Would You Choose Artificial Plants For Your Homes?

I find this artificial plant that I've seen from the home section of a Duty Free shop to be really gorgeous.  However,  I don't go for artificial plants inside my house.  I used to have it before but I find the many disadvantages that it brings to me.  For one, it is not easy to clean as it gathers dust very fast.  Although, it can be washed, the result may not be satisfactory as the color may fade overtime.  Also, apart from beautifying the home, it gives no other benefit.  This is the reason why I suddenly shifted to using real plants at home.  It's easier to manage, you just have to bring it outdoors to water and it gets cleaned too.  It grows bigger and can be redesigned by cutting and shaping and best of all, it helps to freshen and purify the air, thereby giving you a healthier environment.

Oh and before I forget, should I mention that it's cheaper, too?


The Benefits of Aluminium Windows

When people want to increase the value of their home, they normally think about putting in a new kitchen or a bathroom. Whilst these things will go towards an increase in value, it’s not the best thing you can do. The sure fire way to increase your property value is to add light and space and this can be done by adding new doors and windows.

For those of you who have gardens, watching your plants and flowers flourish is a real pleasure, but the weather isn’t always good enough to sit outdoors. That’s why adding a picture window is such a good idea. You can still enjoy your garden, but from the warmth and comfort inside.

Today’s technology also ensures that aluminium windows are much harder to break or remove and the frames are also much stronger. This means that you have peace of mind, especially if you leave your house empty for periods of time.

Any Grabex window can be made to match the exterior of your home, whether it’s a modern house, or a more traditional build. What will be the same on both sets of windows is the technology used to create them. Grabex windows apply state of the art methods to both the design, and manufacture of their aluminium windows in London.

The doubled glazed windows manufactured by Grabex mean that you won’t be disturbed by noise from outside.  Enjoy a good night’s sleep, read a book in peace, watch TV or, listen to your favourite music without being disturbed by the noise from the street.

Heating bills will be reduced immediately by installing new windows. Energy saving glass keeps the heat inside during the cold months and no draughts mean you can turn the thermostat down.

Adding new windows will make your rooms appear bigger and new glass is always cleaner. Your home will look smarter, it will be brighter and it will worth that little bit more.

If you want to fit top quality aluminium windows in London, made by a family firm; then drop into Grabex Windows at their showrooms in Golders Green, or Morden in Surrey. The Grabex staff will do their best to provide you with the perfect aluminium windows for your home. If you prefer to look at their website, you will find it on Quality and first class service are assured.

Fabien Johnstone is a writer for the website Grabex.

My Great Home Finds

My love for home decorations cannot be denied.  I find extra pleasure looking for good stuff for my house. This is the reason why every time I go for shopping, the first section that I would visit is the home section where I could find a lot of things from home decors to kitchen essentials.

During my trip to Bangkok with my kids,  I got this beautiful lamp that's truly Asian.  This now occupies a good spot in our bedroom.   I really love this.  It's awesome!

Next thing that I really enjoys a lot is this beautiful set of vase.  Perfect for he living room!  Love that shade of blue.

I have seen these handy trolleys that's great for the laundry area.  It's made of light weight materials making it easy to move anywhere around the house.  Comes with three colors so you could very well pick the color that would match the color motif of the area where you intend to place the trolley.

I'll be sharing you more of my great finds in my future posts.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Main Lighting Trends of 2013

Are you thinking about updating the lighting in your home? There are five trends that are proving to be quite popular at the moment that are appearing in homes all over the country. Bear these in mind when you start changing the way you light your home.

Broad Area Lighting

More and more of us are choosing to live the open plan lifestyle. This means that when it comes to entertaining the whole of your living space gets involved. People start congregating in the kitchen as the host prepares dinner so now people are updating the lighting in their kitchens to makes them real entertainment spaces. Homeowners are turning to LED lights that are installed underneath their kitchen cabinets and combining these lights with both ambient lighting and task lighting to make the whole room more inviting and less of a purely functional space.

A Lighting White Out

Lamps are bright and the light is white, that golden glow that used to flow from people’s homes after dark is fading away and is being replaced with white light. White light has the ability to make a room seem larger than it actually is which is why it works really well especially if you have a room that is smaller than average. White light also works incredibly well with minimalist design schemes, but will work just as well in any colour scheme. Be wary about the types of lamp shades that you use with white light as you don’t want to make your room feel like an interrogation room.

LED Spotlights

These days everyone is looking for an eco friendly option, however energy saving bulbs are not popular with everyone as they seem to take ages to get to full light level. LED lights are an excellent option as they are far more energy efficient than other lights, so there is nothing to be worried about if you walk out of the room and forget to switch the lights off as you leave. LED spotlights are also long lasting and are the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens, but they will work just as well anywhere else in the house.

Textured Lighting

Your home lighting is not just functional it can accent and add to the décor in your home. This is done by adding some texture to your lighting installations. This could mean replacing your boring living room light with something with some crystal embellishments, or with flowers or even sharp geometric shapes that alter the way the light fills the room. Try introducing natural textures into your home lighting by using wood or stone for your lighting modules.

Coloured Lighting

Most people assume that the only way to inject colour into their rooms is through their soft furnishings and accessories. They forget that they can use coloured lighting to add to the atmosphere in their homes too. Coloured lighting has really taken off this year, greens and blues are proving to be especially popular, especially when paired with a crisp pure white lampshade. So the next time you update your lighting start thinking creatively about it.

Laura has a passion for home décor. She loves the new trends in LED lights that are hitting the design scene and looks forward to implementing some of the new lighting effects into her own home.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Design Desk

If you have a son or daughter who's taking up interior designs, architecture or fine arts, then I think it would be best to invest in a decent architect's desk like the one here below:

I've seen it on one of my visits to my favorite home depot.  It's on sale at Php4,000.   I think it;s handy and not space consuming so it would be good as an additional furniture in your teens bedroom.

What do you think?

How to Create a Luxurious Bathroom

Whether you are considering a long overdue design update or you long for a glamorous, spa-style bathroom retreat, attention to details will enable a transformation that results in a haven of luxury. Elements of luxury can be infused into any bathroom, regardless of the room’s size. Because most bathrooms are small compared to other rooms of the home, you can splurge on higher end materials since you will need smaller quantities.

A bathroom designer will be able to give you a number of ideas and suggestions on how to create your luxurious bathroom, here are a few ideas that will help you create your luxurious bathroom.  Coax the illusion of a more spacious room through the use of lighting and colour.  A room that is flooded with light is more airy and mood lifting than one that is dimly lit. Begin by painting the walls, keeping in mind that lighter hues will make the room appear more expansive than darker tones that will create a cramped and boxed in look. Opt for the lightest shade of the colour desired such as a pale neutral taupe or the lightest spa blue or green. Use a semi-gloss paint for the walls to reflect light and make the room brighter. Paint the room’s trim with high gloss, white paint for a crisp accent.

Replace the existing light fixtures with modern, decorative variations. When shopping for light fixtures, decide which metallic style you prefer. Among the choices to ponder are brushed nickel, pewter, stainless steel, brass, brushed bronze and black wrought iron. Consider installing additional single bulb wall sconces to use as accent pieces on barren wall spaces and recessed lighting over the tub that can be dimmed to suit your mood when immersed in a relaxing soak.

Use window treatments that provide a privacy screen but allow natural sunlight to flood the room. Surrounding the shower with clear glass doors will expose that space to meld with the rest of the room. Placement of a large mirror over the sink will reflect the view of the room and give the impression of more space.

If your budget allows you could invest in quality marble tiles for your floor to make your bathroom more luxurious.  Slightly smaller tiles may be used to cover the walls of the tub and/or shower stall surround. Choose a colour that compliments that of the walls.

If your budget allows for it, swap out your old bathtub for either a jetted whirlpool tub or one of today’s highly coveted, Japanese-inspired soaking tubs. Change the look of your vanity area by swapping out the old countertop for a new granite surface. Alternately, for a sleeker look, replace the bulky vanity altogether with an elegant pedestal sink. Modern toilets are streamlined with a lower, more compact oval design.

Exchange all pieces of hardware throughout the room. Choose the same metal that you decided on for the light fixtures for continuity. Change the sink and tub facets and handles, the switch plate and electrical plate covers on the walls, towel bars and rings, the paper towel holder and even the toilet’s flusher handle. Stick to the same metal trim when choosing a shower door.

Your personal decorative items will add the finishing touches of warmth, texture and appeal to your new luxurious bathroom. Quality bath linens in colours that coordinate with those of the room, heated towel racks and floating shelves with displayed seashells, bath salts and flickering candles will evoke instant peace. The new bathroom transformation will beckon you into a relaxing abode that, alas to other family members, may become permanently occupied.

Claire Penny is a freelance blogger who writes on home improvement and decor

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shadow Boxes As Wall Clock

Hey...I grabbed this DIY project idea from my pinterest board and I can't wait to make my own version. :)  This can add life to a bare wall and you are also able to get a big wall clock.  The color of the wall is really ideal to have those various colors of shadow boxes.  This made the over all design stand out. 

Wait, I got another idea.... why don't we use those shadow boxes for our travel photos?  Wouldn't that be more awesome?  I have collected some nice travel photos from out trips abroad, maybe I could make use of that.  My kids will certainly love the idea!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Luxurious Bathrooms in Small Spaces

Luxurious bathrooms need not be the reserve of the rich and famous. With the scope of modern functionality, a few simple steps can go a long way in creating a stand-out bathroom. Read on for a selection of tips and tricks that will make the smallest space sing.

Wall-mounted magic
Intelligent storage solutions eliminate the need for traditional storage space. If you have a cupboard under the sink, this one’s for you. A mirrored, wall-mounted cabinet is a great start in saving space. Cluttered bathrooms always look smaller and the cabinet can help get all of that clutter out of view.

It also means that you can opt for a wall mounted sink. Wide, bold models are all the rage at the moment. You can ditch the cupboard underneath the sink so the basin itself can be as wide as the space allows. The bigger the sink, the more luxurious your bathroom will feel.

The tiled look for less
Bright clean tiles are often a mainstay of chic bathrooms, but they can cost the earth. If you plan accordingly, you can get the desired effect by using pre-cut panels. Mira Showers wall panels come in several different sizes to fit a sleek shower enclosure, the side of a bath or behind a sink. They can create the bespoke tiled look for a fraction of the price.

A niche market
More and more people are cottoning on to the power of the bathroom niche. You can create them in all shapes and sizes but they all achieve the same thing: saving space while looking great. The gist is using the depth of the walls to reduce the footprint of key fixtures and fittings, or just to take the clutter out of the main bathroom space.

For example, building a niche into a wall by the shower to replace a bulky towel rail could save up to 4” of space. Or you could build a niche into the wall around your bath so that your shampoo, shower gel and bathroom accessories have a neat place to live. Less clutter means more space. 

Organizing Your Bags

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One of my to do list is to have a bag organizer in my own room.   I have a growing bag collection and I just can't figure out where I would keep those.  The usual problem I encounter is that my bags are sagging and losing their shape because these are not properly stored.  Sometimes, I pile my bag on top of the other and I tend to mess up with everything whenever I'm searching for one which I love to use at a given time or occasion.  So, I think the above shelves for bags can be a good idea.  Also, you may want to cover the shelves with glass doors to get rid of dusts and so you could see your bags on display.  Perhaps seeing your favorite collection at a quick glance will bring smiles into your faces. 

I think this is worth a try. :) 

Home Party

During my recent vacation, I had the chance to hold a dinner party in our house. We have lots of attendees during that night and preparing for that party was such an arduous task.  But I would admit that all f us have enjoyed the preparations stage. We had come up with a lot of ideas on how to celebrate it and various suggestions came up during our discussion.  I thought of hiring an acoustic singer from one of the restaurants that we used to visit.  I love their music and their way of playing the guitar.  The sound is really nice and their music is really soothing.  I really enjoyed watching them perform on stage, that's why I thought of hiring them for our party at home.  I wonder what kind of guitars they are using.  I bet it's highly sophisticated with all those accessories to make the music sounds better. Do they have emg pickups from musicians friend?  I bet they have.  However, my daughter spoiled the fun by suggesting that we should get a karaoke machine instead as her friends love to sing and that probably that would be the best entertainment during that night.  Since she is our baby in the house, we obliged to her request.  After all, this party is for her and her brother so they are free to request whatever they want for the party.  Besides, hiring that acoustic singer proves to be more expensive. :)

Anyway, the party turned out to be a nice one.  It's well attended by family and friends and our neighbors, as well.  Our teens really had fun.  It was a night to remember for all of us.

Grocery Plastic Bag Holders

Organizing and storing our reusable grocery plastic bags has always been a problem to me.  We always end up storing it everywhere at home.  At one point, I tried to collect and place those in another bigger plastic bag underneath the kitchen cabinet, but it turns out to be hard to reach and not easy to find.  

Now, look what I've found on etsy....a cute grocery plastic bag holder that can be hang anywhere in the kitchen.  I find it so cute!  Colorful and functional.

I think this can be purchased at $11 each.  Many colors and designs to choose from.  Listed below is a more detailed description of the product:

Measurements are approximate since they are hand made: 
With handle- 19" long
Just the bag without handle- 15" long
Width lying flat- 8 1/2" 
Diameter all together- 17"

Sunday, May 19, 2013

How To Save Space And Money With Kids Bunk Beds

If you’re looking to get as much space out of a small bedroom as possible, then bunk beds are the ideal answer. Not only are they considered as a great way to sleep, but there are also a variety of designs to choose from depending on the design and layout of the bedroom. When they’re young, children frequently share bedrooms, as most go to sleep at the same time. This makes it easier for mothers and fathers to relax in the evening. However problems occur when your kids get older, with more space needed inside the room. This is where bunk beds come in handy.

Bunk beds allow you to make use of the vertical space in a bedroom, whilst also making room for extra storage, play areas and places to keep clothes and toys. Some bunk beds even come with combined storage attached to the unit, making it even easier to keep your children’s room tidy!

In recent years, bunk beds have solved many problems related to limited bedroom space in small urban housing, and they’re also a great way to accommodate guests for the weekend. When it comes to your children, they’ll have great fun battling it out for the top bunk, and some designs even come with desks and work areas, meaning they can also learn together outside the classroom. Bunk beds are practical, cost-effective and the best way to maximise small living space, and they offer advantages over individual beds.

Bunk Beds VS Individual Beds

Firstly, bunk beds double the capacity of a single bed, whilst also limiting the space a single bed takes up in a room. There’s also places to store toys, school books and clothes, and like previously mentioned, some even some with desks attached so your children can do their school work. Although this option does depend on what model you select, and how much you’re willing to spend, you can already see many of the advantages bunk beds have over individual beds.

Before buying kids bunk bed for your children’s room, it’s best to do a little research. Not only are there a vast number of models out there to choose from, but you must also consider the look of the bunk bed, and how it is going to complement the rest of the room. No one wants a ghastly bunk bed in their house, no matter how practical or cost effective it is. Always make sure that you measure the room before you go out shopping for the bunk bed, and enquire into the different colours available.

Styling The Room

In some cases, finding the right bunk bed to colour-coordinate with your kid’s bedroom could be a difficult task, however there’s always a way around this. Instead of trying to find a frame colour to match the walls, why not match the walls with the bunk bed. A lick of paint here and there won’t take long, especially if the room is small, and suddenly you’ve got a room that is vibrant, and also coordinated with your bunk bed!

David is a lover of interior design and space saving solutions. He loves watching home improvement shows that showcase clever ways to save space and reduce clutter.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Repurposed Potting Shed

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Just suddenly thought of sharing this repurposed potting shed hat I've seen courtesy of, I was amazed how creative some people can be.  This potting shed was converted into a tiny, beautiful home office.  Why not?  Work at home Moms deserved some kind of privacy, too right?  

This home office idea was from a working Mom herself, Martha Mendoza.  After seeing this picture, I suddenly got the urge of making a detached home office for myself.  I love fun and adventure and most of all, I love reinventing things and having these into full use. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Choosing New Furniture for Your Lounge – Four Ways to Pick the Best Items

The lounge is one of the most important rooms in the home. After a long and hard day at work, there is nothing better than kicking back and relaxing on your sofa and watching an hour of TV.

If you are considering purchasing new furniture then  this is a chance for you to make your house a home. You can pick furniture that is in line with current trends, your style and that gives you maximum comfort. Before picking any items in the lounge, you need to consider a few different things.

It is likely that you have already set a budget for your lounge furniture. You’ll need to allocate segments of this budget to individual items. For instance, if you have a £2,000 budget, then £250 might go towards a new coffee table, whereas £1,000 may go towards a leather sofa.

Have a quick browse around online retailers and see what they are offering and at what prices. This will give you a good idea of what is really going to be an acceptable budget for the new furniture as a whole, but also for the individual items. Remember, online retailers will regularly offer discounts and may even have discount codes that can be picked up, which could save you 10-15%!

You will need to get a cool mix of what is currently in fashion, what suits your house and what really suits you. By checking interior design magazines, you will be able to see the styles of furniture that are really popular. Of course, getting items that suit your house is going to be crucial, but also difficult. For example, a contemporary sofa is going to look terrible in a cottage that is 200 years old. Don’t just pick the items that you like, as once they are in the house, they really need to blend in.

The size of furniture helps to create a unique look and feel to individual rooms and the actual house. Having items that are too big will make a room feel cramped. Having furniture that is too small will make a room feel incredibly empty and possibly even cold. You can work out sizes for furniture based on existing items in the home. That being said, it might be worth taking a trip to a local furniture store. Sometimes they will have examples of rooms with different pieces of furniture in them for you to look at. This will give you an idea of what is going to be suitable.

Obviously comfort only really relates to the items in the lounge that you are going to be sitting on. This might be chairs that are designed for the corner of the lounge, catching the sun that beams through the window or this could be reclining leather sofas.

Regardless of the item, you really do need to check them out for comfort. There is no point have an item that looks perfect in the home, but is incredibly uncomfortable. All this will mean is that you start to create excuses to get rid of this furniture as soon as possible. 

Alex is an online writing professional and has been operating online for over 5 years. The main areas that he covers include the likes of gardening, finance and DIY to name a few. He has travelled throughout Europe and has been published on some of the most popular blogs in the world.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cute Head Board Design Ideas

If you want to give your beds a twist, you may want to consider adding cute had boards! Some of the featured designs by BHG, as seen below are DIY designs.  If you are creative and want to revive those old furniture at home, you can convert those to a decorative head board. :)

If you will ask me about my personal choice, I think I would go for the first and fourth design.  The first design below is quite easy to do and I would just be needing a simple plywood plus some spare linens and perhaps a thin foam that could easily be bought from an upholstery supplies store.  We have to choose the colors of the fabric so that it would match the color of our bedroom walls.  

What I love about the fourth design is that it is functional and would give me a lot of storage spaces for my stuff.  This is just a simple wood work and you may want to recycle the drawers and shelves from your old furniture.  Adding a color that would match the color motif of the bedroom is necessary to make this head board stand out. 

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Ten Things that You Need to Keep in Mind When Buying a Washing Machine

Washing machines are some of the most commonly sought-after home appliances. They have made live pretty simple since all your laundry work is handled by a machine. Regrettably, making an informed decision on the right type of washing machine to purchase can be difficult since there are several brands and models available in the market. 

But, with the right information, the task of selecting the best washing machine ought not to be challenging. Listed below are 10 things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for an ideal washing machine


Before stepping out into the market, make certain that you have a location in mind where you would like to place the washing machine. There should be a space of about 60 centimeters between the washing machine and other water sources, for example, wash basin and shower.

If you have limited space in your house, opt for front-loading washing machines as they enable you to load dirty linen from the front and can easily be fitted under a countertop. If you do not have enough space left for a dryer, buy a washer-dryer combo machine.


In addition to location, you also need to think about the amount of laundry that you are going to do on a daily basis. For a majority of households, a 5kg washing machine is more than adequate. However, if you have 2-3 children on your household, then it is best to buy a 6kg capacity washing machine. On the other hand, if you have relatives residing with you or have an unusually large family, opt for 8-9 kg washing machines.

Energy Star Compliant

As is the case with other electrical home appliances, you need to take into consideration the energy consumption of the washing machine you are planning to purchase. Energy Star rated washing machines are the best since they consume roughly 30% less power compared to ordinary washing machines. If you cannot find an Energy Star rated washing machine, look for a model with an A+++ rating.

Look for Brands Labeled “Smart”

Smart washing machines will ensure that less water and energy is used during the laundering process. Smart machines automatically detect the load and as such adjust the amount of water and energy used to clean the clothes.

Washable Washing Machines

Since washing machines are primarily used to scrub and clean dirty linen, they are prone to microorganisms that can pose health issues to your household. Therefore, it is important to purchase a washing machine that can be disinfected after a couple of washes.

Stealth Operation

Look for a washing machine that implements sound reduction technology. By doing so, you will be eliminating the stress and anxiety caused by the noise generated by the washing machine during operation.

Eco-Friendly Washing Machines

An eco-friendly washing machine ensures that water and energy consumption is reduced by at least 20%. The key reason why you need opt for an eco-friendly washing machine is because you’ll hardly be using the full capacity of the machine thereby leading to wastage of energy and water.


Do not pick a washing machine that only limits you to certain washing detergents. Thanks to technology, there are a myriad of washing detergents that can be used with washing machines and as such you should not be restricted to a particular brand.

User-Friendly Settings

Do not buy a washing machine that requires you to read the manual every time you need to use it. A good washing machine should be user-friendly and are usually characterized by the types of controls installed therein.

Read Reviews

Finally, before buying a washing machine, you need to take time and read the various reviews published on the web regarding different brands and models of washing machines.

Whereas the above rules are designed to help you in choosing the right type of washing machine, it is important to take into account your needs for a washing machine. Before stepping out into the market, take time and evaluate your needs for a washing machine. Thereafter, go through the various brands and models accessible in the market, while still at the same time bearing in mind the information provided herein. Preparing a list of your needs will prevent you from buying a brand or model that is either too big or small. Then again, you need to take time and read through the various washing machine reviews published on the web. Reviews are written by consumers who have prior experiences with certain brands and models thus providing you with crucial information such as performance and warranty before making your purchase.

Generally, the internet is the best marketplace to make your purchase from especially if you are keen on discounted prices and variety. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores that may limit you to the brands and models accessible for sale, there are no limitations if you opt to shop from the internet.

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