Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fumigation: An Effective Pest Control Method

Pests are a major problem in many houses and building in Singapore. Many types of pests like bed bugs, termites, and ants are infesting our homes. It is good to control the pest from infesting your home because some of them can cause dangerous diseases or other health problems. Therefore, pest control management is necessary in order to eliminate them at home completely. One of the most effective pest control strategy is the use fumigation process. Whether the pest have infested cupboards, bedroom, table room or any other place at home fumigation has proven to be the most effective treatment method in pest control.

It is always advisable to put preventive measures to avoid pests from infesting in your home. However, this is not always possible because they might infest without your knowledge. When this happens fumigation might be the only solution to eradicate them completely. If you do not have the skills and knowledge to use this method to control the pest, there are many pest control management companies in Singapore, for example, PestBusters that provide the high quality pest control services at an affordable cost.

Fumigation Process: How Does It Work

Fumigation process involves filling an entire building with fumigants that will kill the pests by suffocating or poisoning the pests. This is an effective method to kill pests such as wood boring insects and termites that cause major damage to wooden areas in many homes in several areas of Singapore. During the fumigation process, the whole house is covered with large tent and then the fumigant is then released into the building. It is important that the house remain covered for sometimes in order to give the fumigant the opportunity to penetrate all areas and kill all the pests. Then the house is ventilated, so that the poison can disperse, in order to be safe. The house is covered with the tent to prevent the fumigant from escaping into the atmosphere as a way of preventing air pollution by the fumigants. It is against the environmental laws in Singapore to fumigate without putting the cover. The fumigation process is determined by the size and type of house being fumigated, kind of pest, how infested is the home and the temperature by which the fumigant is used.

Fumigation Techniques Being Used

There are three fumigation techniques than can be used. There is solid fumigation that involves the use of solid fumigants, for example, pellets, powder or tablets. This is a safer technique compared to either liquid or gas fumigation. Liquid fumigation involves spraying of chemicals over a large area mainly to eradicate pest such as bedbugs or termites. Liquid fumigation works faster that gas or solid fumigation process in eradication of pests. Gas fumigation involves use if fumigants that are in gaseous state and applied in closed places to avoid the gases from spreading into the air. This is the most dangerous fumigation technique because it is possible to inhale the fumigants because the fumigants spread quickly into the air. The most effective gas fumigant is methyl bromide that kills bed bugs, ants and termites very quickly.

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