Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Functional Home Office Space

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I am eyeing for this design for my home office space.  I love the idea that there's a natural light coming through the room because of the glass covered door and windows. The space is not really huge but it was able to hold enough of what is needed for home office works.  This can also double as a study area for the kids.  The minimalist theme and monotone color used for this functional space makes the overall appearance of the room simple but elegant.

I like the fact that the desk is long. It can surely keep everything in place plus there's an extra space for some cute potted plants behind the windows.  As compared to a closed room where all you can see are the four walls, this home office design allows your eyes to get a breather by having a glance of the outdoor views.  It would be perfect if you could put plenty of flowering plants outside as this can make your eyes relax once in a while.

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