Monday, May 20, 2013

Home Party

During my recent vacation, I had the chance to hold a dinner party in our house. We have lots of attendees during that night and preparing for that party was such an arduous task.  But I would admit that all f us have enjoyed the preparations stage. We had come up with a lot of ideas on how to celebrate it and various suggestions came up during our discussion.  I thought of hiring an acoustic singer from one of the restaurants that we used to visit.  I love their music and their way of playing the guitar.  The sound is really nice and their music is really soothing.  I really enjoyed watching them perform on stage, that's why I thought of hiring them for our party at home.  I wonder what kind of guitars they are using.  I bet it's highly sophisticated with all those accessories to make the music sounds better. Do they have emg pickups from musicians friend?  I bet they have.  However, my daughter spoiled the fun by suggesting that we should get a karaoke machine instead as her friends love to sing and that probably that would be the best entertainment during that night.  Since she is our baby in the house, we obliged to her request.  After all, this party is for her and her brother so they are free to request whatever they want for the party.  Besides, hiring that acoustic singer proves to be more expensive. :)

Anyway, the party turned out to be a nice one.  It's well attended by family and friends and our neighbors, as well.  Our teens really had fun.  It was a night to remember for all of us.

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