Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Create a Luxurious Bathroom

Whether you are considering a long overdue design update or you long for a glamorous, spa-style bathroom retreat, attention to details will enable a transformation that results in a haven of luxury. Elements of luxury can be infused into any bathroom, regardless of the room’s size. Because most bathrooms are small compared to other rooms of the home, you can splurge on higher end materials since you will need smaller quantities.

A bathroom designer will be able to give you a number of ideas and suggestions on how to create your luxurious bathroom, here are a few ideas that will help you create your luxurious bathroom.  Coax the illusion of a more spacious room through the use of lighting and colour.  A room that is flooded with light is more airy and mood lifting than one that is dimly lit. Begin by painting the walls, keeping in mind that lighter hues will make the room appear more expansive than darker tones that will create a cramped and boxed in look. Opt for the lightest shade of the colour desired such as a pale neutral taupe or the lightest spa blue or green. Use a semi-gloss paint for the walls to reflect light and make the room brighter. Paint the room’s trim with high gloss, white paint for a crisp accent.

Replace the existing light fixtures with modern, decorative variations. When shopping for light fixtures, decide which metallic style you prefer. Among the choices to ponder are brushed nickel, pewter, stainless steel, brass, brushed bronze and black wrought iron. Consider installing additional single bulb wall sconces to use as accent pieces on barren wall spaces and recessed lighting over the tub that can be dimmed to suit your mood when immersed in a relaxing soak.

Use window treatments that provide a privacy screen but allow natural sunlight to flood the room. Surrounding the shower with clear glass doors will expose that space to meld with the rest of the room. Placement of a large mirror over the sink will reflect the view of the room and give the impression of more space.

If your budget allows you could invest in quality marble tiles for your floor to make your bathroom more luxurious.  Slightly smaller tiles may be used to cover the walls of the tub and/or shower stall surround. Choose a colour that compliments that of the walls.

If your budget allows for it, swap out your old bathtub for either a jetted whirlpool tub or one of today’s highly coveted, Japanese-inspired soaking tubs. Change the look of your vanity area by swapping out the old countertop for a new granite surface. Alternately, for a sleeker look, replace the bulky vanity altogether with an elegant pedestal sink. Modern toilets are streamlined with a lower, more compact oval design.

Exchange all pieces of hardware throughout the room. Choose the same metal that you decided on for the light fixtures for continuity. Change the sink and tub facets and handles, the switch plate and electrical plate covers on the walls, towel bars and rings, the paper towel holder and even the toilet’s flusher handle. Stick to the same metal trim when choosing a shower door.

Your personal decorative items will add the finishing touches of warmth, texture and appeal to your new luxurious bathroom. Quality bath linens in colours that coordinate with those of the room, heated towel racks and floating shelves with displayed seashells, bath salts and flickering candles will evoke instant peace. The new bathroom transformation will beckon you into a relaxing abode that, alas to other family members, may become permanently occupied.

Claire Penny is a freelance blogger who writes on home improvement and decor

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