Friday, May 24, 2013

My Great Home Finds

My love for home decorations cannot be denied.  I find extra pleasure looking for good stuff for my house. This is the reason why every time I go for shopping, the first section that I would visit is the home section where I could find a lot of things from home decors to kitchen essentials.

During my trip to Bangkok with my kids,  I got this beautiful lamp that's truly Asian.  This now occupies a good spot in our bedroom.   I really love this.  It's awesome!

Next thing that I really enjoys a lot is this beautiful set of vase.  Perfect for he living room!  Love that shade of blue.

I have seen these handy trolleys that's great for the laundry area.  It's made of light weight materials making it easy to move anywhere around the house.  Comes with three colors so you could very well pick the color that would match the color motif of the area where you intend to place the trolley.

I'll be sharing you more of my great finds in my future posts.

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