Sunday, May 5, 2013

Organize Your Pantry

During my last vacation in the Philippines, I had a great time organizing my pantry. I get inspirations from my previous posts on pantry designs and pantry organization ideas.  Although I wasn't really able to do a big make over, I was happy that I was able to have a good start. I bought some small plastic jars of uniform color which I used to store some kitchen stuff like flour, bread crumbs, cereals, sugar, powdered milk, died bay leaves, ground pepper, etc.  It works well, as everything looks nice in a row in my kitchen shelf.  Now everything gets more visible and easy to find.  I bought my cute plastic jars on a cheap price as these were on sale at SM Super Market. It's priced at Php100 per pack of 6.  Not bad, huh?

Sooner, I will be moving on to the next level ad that's buying some bigger jars with lids to store some snacks like biscuits, candy bars, nuts, pretzels, etc.  This way, I can get rid of plastic bags stuck everywhere in my pantry cabinet which tends to look a bit disorganized.

I think this one here below looks perfect:

   Photo Credit : Lucas Allen

See those cute baskets?  These can used to store assorted chips, nuts and other items for snack and movie time.  I love the jars used to keep assorted biscuits and pretzels.  I think, by following this basic organization idea, my pantry would be a lot more organized and it means saving some of your precious time looking for things as everything is now within your reach.

This is it! So, I think it's time to search for those cute jars. :)

Will keep you updated on my great finds! (*winks*)

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