Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outdoor Space In An Instant

If you are expecting a private gathering on a weekend and you don't have much time left to fix your yard for the occasion, don't fret!  This instant outdoor space is ideal for an intimate gathering.  This gazebo is also ideal for  formal occasions such as debut or garden weddings.  I actually thought of fabricating one for our yard but because of my busy schedule every time I'm home for a vacation, the plan has been shelved a number of times. :)

But you see, the "instant outdoor space" can be fixed in less than two hours.  Plant of different varieties, height and texture in cute garden containers plus a revived outdoor furniture are all you need for that quick fixed outdoor area.  I think it would also be perfect if you would add up some tea lights around the area and mason jars all over the gazebo for an added drama. :)


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