Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Remembering Dad

It's going to be Mother's Day soon and I'm blessed because I still have my Mom with me. Hubby is not as lucky as I am cause he lost both his parents many years ago.  I lost my Dad when I was in still in college.  He didn't have the opportunity to see my children.  But I have so many good memories about Dad.  He's a very strict father and all of us were really scared of him, however, I couldn't deny the fact that he was a good father to us.  I remembered how we feel secured and protected knowing that he's around.  I was just thinking, "what if he's still around at this time?"  "Will I be celebrating Fathers day with him?"  If he's still alive now, perhaps I am already busy looking for a perfect gift for him on Father's Day.  It wouldn't be hard to find a present for him though, as he was just a very simple man with very simple needs.  I remembered that he never drinks any alcoholic beverages  but he smokes a lot.  If he's still alive, perhaps I can get for him best maduro cigars.  Our closeness as a family was affected by his loss. I guess we can no longer go back to how we used to be.  That's very sad, but life is full of surprises, we may never know.  Perhaps, time can heal all wounds.  But I am happy knowing that I had a great father and he will always be in my heart forever. :)

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