Thursday, May 9, 2013

Small Space Solution For Your Working Area

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I love writing posts about designing small spaces.  Not that I live in a very small house, but it's more to my preference of creating more moving space at home. My interest and preference in home designs had greatly shifted  from a complex to the simplest form.  I find that less clutter is great and I am a number one fan of storage solutions.  I have worked on several storage solution projects at home.  If only I can replace all the furniture in my house with the ones that offer more storage spaces, I've already done it!  But buying a new set of furniture is so costly.  Besides, what I am going to do with the old ones?  I can never be assured that I could sell everything in an instant, right?  So, the only way to correct everything is to find a solution to create more spaces with what I already have.

Sooner, I will be working at home.  That's one of my plans.  Again, I was scouting for space saving designs for my work desk.  Take a look at the above photos.  These are all space savers! The one on the first photo is my personal favorite and I can't wait to have this on my home.  Really a smart solution!  :)

What's yours?  

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