Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ten Things that You Need to Keep in Mind When Buying a Washing Machine

Washing machines are some of the most commonly sought-after home appliances. They have made live pretty simple since all your laundry work is handled by a machine. Regrettably, making an informed decision on the right type of washing machine to purchase can be difficult since there are several brands and models available in the market. 

But, with the right information, the task of selecting the best washing machine ought not to be challenging. Listed below are 10 things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for an ideal washing machine


Before stepping out into the market, make certain that you have a location in mind where you would like to place the washing machine. There should be a space of about 60 centimeters between the washing machine and other water sources, for example, wash basin and shower.

If you have limited space in your house, opt for front-loading washing machines as they enable you to load dirty linen from the front and can easily be fitted under a countertop. If you do not have enough space left for a dryer, buy a washer-dryer combo machine.


In addition to location, you also need to think about the amount of laundry that you are going to do on a daily basis. For a majority of households, a 5kg washing machine is more than adequate. However, if you have 2-3 children on your household, then it is best to buy a 6kg capacity washing machine. On the other hand, if you have relatives residing with you or have an unusually large family, opt for 8-9 kg washing machines.

Energy Star Compliant

As is the case with other electrical home appliances, you need to take into consideration the energy consumption of the washing machine you are planning to purchase. Energy Star rated washing machines are the best since they consume roughly 30% less power compared to ordinary washing machines. If you cannot find an Energy Star rated washing machine, look for a model with an A+++ rating.

Look for Brands Labeled “Smart”

Smart washing machines will ensure that less water and energy is used during the laundering process. Smart machines automatically detect the load and as such adjust the amount of water and energy used to clean the clothes.

Washable Washing Machines

Since washing machines are primarily used to scrub and clean dirty linen, they are prone to microorganisms that can pose health issues to your household. Therefore, it is important to purchase a washing machine that can be disinfected after a couple of washes.

Stealth Operation

Look for a washing machine that implements sound reduction technology. By doing so, you will be eliminating the stress and anxiety caused by the noise generated by the washing machine during operation.

Eco-Friendly Washing Machines

An eco-friendly washing machine ensures that water and energy consumption is reduced by at least 20%. The key reason why you need opt for an eco-friendly washing machine is because you’ll hardly be using the full capacity of the machine thereby leading to wastage of energy and water.


Do not pick a washing machine that only limits you to certain washing detergents. Thanks to technology, there are a myriad of washing detergents that can be used with washing machines and as such you should not be restricted to a particular brand.

User-Friendly Settings

Do not buy a washing machine that requires you to read the manual every time you need to use it. A good washing machine should be user-friendly and are usually characterized by the types of controls installed therein.

Read Reviews

Finally, before buying a washing machine, you need to take time and read the various reviews published on the web regarding different brands and models of washing machines.

Whereas the above rules are designed to help you in choosing the right type of washing machine, it is important to take into account your needs for a washing machine. Before stepping out into the market, take time and evaluate your needs for a washing machine. Thereafter, go through the various brands and models accessible in the market, while still at the same time bearing in mind the information provided herein. Preparing a list of your needs will prevent you from buying a brand or model that is either too big or small. Then again, you need to take time and read through the various washing machine reviews published on the web. Reviews are written by consumers who have prior experiences with certain brands and models thus providing you with crucial information such as performance and warranty before making your purchase.

Generally, the internet is the best marketplace to make your purchase from especially if you are keen on discounted prices and variety. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores that may limit you to the brands and models accessible for sale, there are no limitations if you opt to shop from the internet.

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