Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Harmful Effect and Effective Treatment of Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are small insects that cause a lot of problems for home-dwellers. Being very small with cryptic behavior, they are not easy to eradicate. One needs to use some bed bugs treatment to get them out of the house. However, the best way on how to get rid of bed bugs is to take help from professional exterminators.

These are the ectoparisite insects, which feed on humans and other warm-blooded mammals. They are found in houses, public buildings, offices, and other places of human dwelling. These bugs are well-known for their cryptic behavior. They can hide themselves in cracks and crevices of furniture.

 Commonly, they choose bed parts, like mattresses and box springs, as their hiding places, and that is why they are called 'bed bugs'. The wingless small insects, bed bugs, are parasitic in nature, and recognize human beings through the exhaled carbon dioxide. They come out in night when the host is asleep, and take a blood meal by small bites. Life span of these pests ranges between 12 to 18 months. Being too small, around one-fourth of an inch, to hide in furniture crevices, they are very difficult to find.

How do Bed Bugs Affect Human Beings?

They come out in night and feed on their hosts when they are asleep. They usually take 5-10 minutes to engorge the blood, and then move unnoticed (usually) to their secluded places. When they bite to feed, they inject saliva (in very small amount) into victim's skin. If they bite the person more and more times, his body becomes sensitized to saliva. It causes an allergic reaction those results in red bumps. Although it doesn't cause a serious problem, yet it affects the skin through very intense itching. Bed bugs bite during peak sleeping hours, and create a lot of disturbance and discomfort to the host. Furthermore, they spread their waste in the house, and make it dirty.

How to Treat Bed bugs?

Bed bugs are too small to hide in very narrow places, and that is why they are quite hard to eradicate. If you have noticed their presence at your home, you need to be careful and use some effective methods as early as possible. You need to launder the bedding and garments, which are prone to infestation, in the drier at high heat. The furniture items, that can't be treated by washing, should be placed outside in the sun. To get rid of bed bugs, freezing can also be a good option that can be used in winter season. Vacuuming is another popular method to destroy these tiny pests. In short, the home treatment of bed bugs requires a combination of strong pesticides, heat treatment, plastic wrapping and vacuuming.

Bedbugs have become a major problem for home dwellers, especially in America and European countries. In big cities like New York, they affect the quality of living not only in homes and apartments, but in commercial buildings and hotels as well. If you are living in New York, and suffering from these unwanted guests, there is no need to worry. A number of professional exterminators are available in the city, to help you in getting the bugs out of your house. Searching online, you would find some reputed service providers who specialize in treating the bed bugs and other pests. You can select the best among them considering your needs and budget.

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  1. I've had my share of bed bugs experience before. I couldn't sleep throughout the night and all I did was watch for bed bugs and kill it. We brought the whole bed foam outside to get heated by the afternoon sun. The following days, wala na. :)


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