Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Main Lighting Trends of 2013

Are you thinking about updating the lighting in your home? There are five trends that are proving to be quite popular at the moment that are appearing in homes all over the country. Bear these in mind when you start changing the way you light your home.

Broad Area Lighting

More and more of us are choosing to live the open plan lifestyle. This means that when it comes to entertaining the whole of your living space gets involved. People start congregating in the kitchen as the host prepares dinner so now people are updating the lighting in their kitchens to makes them real entertainment spaces. Homeowners are turning to LED lights that are installed underneath their kitchen cabinets and combining these lights with both ambient lighting and task lighting to make the whole room more inviting and less of a purely functional space.

A Lighting White Out

Lamps are bright and the light is white, that golden glow that used to flow from people’s homes after dark is fading away and is being replaced with white light. White light has the ability to make a room seem larger than it actually is which is why it works really well especially if you have a room that is smaller than average. White light also works incredibly well with minimalist design schemes, but will work just as well in any colour scheme. Be wary about the types of lamp shades that you use with white light as you don’t want to make your room feel like an interrogation room.

LED Spotlights

These days everyone is looking for an eco friendly option, however energy saving bulbs are not popular with everyone as they seem to take ages to get to full light level. LED lights are an excellent option as they are far more energy efficient than other lights, so there is nothing to be worried about if you walk out of the room and forget to switch the lights off as you leave. LED spotlights are also long lasting and are the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens, but they will work just as well anywhere else in the house.

Textured Lighting

Your home lighting is not just functional it can accent and add to the décor in your home. This is done by adding some texture to your lighting installations. This could mean replacing your boring living room light with something with some crystal embellishments, or with flowers or even sharp geometric shapes that alter the way the light fills the room. Try introducing natural textures into your home lighting by using wood or stone for your lighting modules.

Coloured Lighting

Most people assume that the only way to inject colour into their rooms is through their soft furnishings and accessories. They forget that they can use coloured lighting to add to the atmosphere in their homes too. Coloured lighting has really taken off this year, greens and blues are proving to be especially popular, especially when paired with a crisp pure white lampshade. So the next time you update your lighting start thinking creatively about it.

Laura has a passion for home décor. She loves the new trends in LED lights that are hitting the design scene and looks forward to implementing some of the new lighting effects into her own home.

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