Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vertical Gardening Inspiration

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I know a lot of Moms who love plants and gardening  a lot, just like me.  However, I was just luckier in the sense that I have ample space in my yard, thus there's no problem for me to pursue this interest.  But for those who are apartment dwellers and space is a problem, then you can find an inspiration from vertical gardening  ideas shown above.  Vertical gardening is "in" now a days as population is getting bigger and there's not much land space left for garden enthusiasts.  Real estate developers are building flats and condominiums with no space for gardening and even the size of the unit itself is not big enough to hold all your home stuff.  But there's always a solution for every problem thus vertical gardening came into the picture.  I'm loving those ideas shown above and I might try one too in my own home. :)

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