Friday, May 24, 2013

What is Your Dream Home Garden?

I get really fancied seeing beautiful gardens.  That's my weakness eh... I love plants, flowers, garden decors, water features and anything that's bold, bright and colorful. 

I had a great time visiting Dream World Bangkok as I was able to see a rose garden and lots and lots of beautifully landscaped gardens in that very huge theme park.  Believe me, I feel like don't want to leave the place.  Seeing those cute garden decors, plant art and rock formations really made me feel great.  I had a nice stroll around the theme park and appreciate the beauty of nature.  I got a good chance to get a fresh air too.

I've seen these flowering plants along the way in full bloom and it's really soothing to my eyes.  I can't help but to capture some photos. (lol)

I remembered that my love for plants and gardens started when I got my first home with it's own backyard.  I never had the chance to do gardening when I was a teen because we do not have enough space to tender a garden in my parents house. My Mom was the one who influenced my love for plants as she has a green thumb and really love to collect plants of all varieties.  I admired her for being able to propagate our plants with much ease.  I find her gardening style really effortless.  What I have now in my own garden, I owed to her.  Thanks Mom! :) 

How about you? Do you have your own garden too? Whats your idea of a dream home garden?

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