Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why Invest In A Coin Laundry Business?

During our recent vacation at Bangkok Thailand, I've noticed that one of the hotel facilities provided to guests by the hotel where we've stayed is self laundry services. This was made possible by providing coin operated washing machines on one of the hotel floors.  Normally, those hotels where I used to stay would offer laundry services to hotel guests but the prices being offered is a way too high.  If you are staying with the whole family, that would definitely add up a big sum to your hotel expenses. That's why I was extremely glad to see that the hotel was offering coin operated washing machines.  For THB30 per load on a 6.5 kgs machine, you can enjoy cheap laundry services and take control of your time as you can gain access to the area anytime of the day.  From the looks of it, I've realised that coin laundry business is simpler to manage than other businesses as it only requires a minimum of unskilled labor.  Many owners of this type of business successfully operate it on a part time basis giving them a leeway for a multi-store ownership.  As a business owner, you do not need a huge amount of capital to begin with and the return of investment can be realised in no time.

Operating a coin laundry business provides a solid opportunity for a steady income and assures every investor of a generous amount of investment.  What I like most in this kind of business is the low maintenance  and the low monthly operational cost.  But just like any other business, going into this type of business requires a little know how to assure that you are able to keep the business running to it's full potential.   You should have a solid background about machine operations, trouble shooting and preventive maintenance servicing.  A coin operated business is ideal for those who wanted to run a successful business without sacrificing a substantial amount of free time.

This unique industry offers a lot of possible opportunities for expansion if managed wisely.  While start up costs could be a problem should you decide to operate in full swing, failure rate compared to other businesses is slightly evident.  The many advantages of operating this business will definitely outshine the disadvantages.   One of the safest way to ensure success in this business is being able to source for best laundry equipment.  You must do an extensive research in order to find the one that suits your budget without compromising the quality and excellence of the product.  Some good companies manufacturing and selling excellent laundry equipment like speed queen  should be included in your list.  From there, you could make a comparison and get some feedback from their previous satisfied customers.

With these being said, the huge potential of going into a coin laundry business should not be discounted.  The prospects are great, and marketing the business is not really a painful undertaking considering that laundry services is a necessity for every household.  

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